30 10 2010

I reconnected with two friends I haven’t spoken with in awhile and had similar experiences on both occasions.

I had to call the Utah Flash about some marketing and I look up the phone number on the web site and notice – Drew Sellers, Utah Flash President.

Two nights later I go to practice and I run into Josh Unice, Ensoul President.

Drew is my age.
Josh is younger.

Both run successful businesses.

I really enjoyed catching up with both of them. They are both great and very capable individuals.
I’m happy for both of them and glad they have found such tremendous success.

Both nights after catching up with these guys I laid in bed and thought about my career.
I have ben blessed with some wonderful experiences – BUT I want more.

I want SO much more.

“Thou shalt not covet…” (Exodus 20:17)
A little.

I don’t necessarily want their exact success – just something similar!

I laid there in bed and thought about everything I need to do and want to accomplish.

It was overwhelming.
VERY overwhelming.

? Do you ever get caught up thinking about wanting more than you have?


26 08 2010

We have a new(esque) girl working at the store now.
She’s a recent high school graduate just starting her first year at UVU.

A couple nights ago, we got talking about the “type” of people we were.

Have you ever talked with someone who tried to categorize you?
I’ve stood on both sides of conversation.
I’ve categorized and been categorized.

It all begins with appearance.
Hipsters. Goths. Emo’s. Jocks. “Easy” girls. Academics. Outcasts. Bboys.

They all have a look that is pretty recognizable.

But does the look truly represent the person?

and no.

“…but the judgments of man are not always just.” (Mosiah 29:12)

I was talking with our new girl and asked her how she categorized herself.
She responded by asking me if she had to fit into just one category?

Great question – and the answer is no. There are definitely the extremes out there who are almost exactly the type of person their image stands for – but I feel like there are alot of HYBRIDS in this world.

You are most likely a hybrid.
I’m a hybrid.

By hybrid, I mean a mutt-like collection of various interests and influences.
This particular girl is her own hybrid version of emo, goth, indie and harijuku.

I’m a mix of business, bboy and Justin Timberlake! (well, at least this is what I like to think)

However, the interesting thing about categories is that the ones you put yourself in are not necessarily the ones that others put you in.

The categories are always changing. The next time you try to categorize someone you should probably stop and find out a little bit about them before throwing them into a very generalized category!

? What are you a hybrid of?


1 08 2010

*Ok first I’m going to make a quick plug for myself. Remember the video I posted for the Dr. Pepper dance contest? Well, if you’ve got a minute go make a comment on it! (Well, if you liked it – otherwise it’s probably better you just ignore this – haha) I need lots of comments!

I’ve got big news!

I’ve basically spent almost two years searching for an opportunity to work at a PR firm – or do anything PR related.
I desperately wanted to be involved with a firm somewhere, anywhere!

When I moved back to Utah I got in touch with Cheryl from Snapp Conner (a PR guru who started her own firm in the area!). After lots of pleasantly persistent emails and meetings we were able to work out an employment opportunity!

I was overjoyed, thrilled, ecstatic etc. etc.
This was what I wanted.

I went in to Blickenstaff’s and let them know about the offer and my potential departure.

After some discussion and some waiting to hear back from the men at the top a counteroffer of sorts was presented.

As the movie mobsters famously say, “it was an offer I couldn’t refuse“.

Yeah, you heard right – I walked away from my dream job!

BUT – I am going to have some very unique opportunities that I could NOT pass up with Blickenstaff’s.

Blickenstaff’s has thus far been successful and the fourth quarter will be a whirlwind of profit (prediction).
This is my opportunity to get in at the ground level of something amazing.
I am going to bust my butt harder than ever before to make sure that when this company takes off, I take off too!

They are going to teach me how to become a buyer – I’ve also been given tremendous autonomy in regards to PR and marketing.
At SchoolTipline (a start-up I worked for several years ago, I wrote some releases that got us national press and an overwhelming amount of leads)
I know if I put my head down and work like crazy that we will see similar if not better results!

I am so grateful to Cheryl at Snapp Conner for helping me and being so gracious and kind. Everything I have read or heard about her firm is extremely positive. In fact, if you are ever in need of an agency to represent you, Snapp Conner is my hands-down recommendation!

I am grateful to Blickenstaff’s for believing in me and giving me an opportunity I literally never dreamed of.

Now it’s time to get to work!

“Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will…” (D&C 58:27)

? What is your dream job?

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