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9 12 2010

Ok, I had a post planned yesterday that I didn’t get to write because I got home really late last night from practice and today has been SO busy.

And now, I’ve read something so great I have to change my entire post.

This was on Mashable today:

After completing the flow chart I decided that YES, it is acceptable that Mom and I are Facebook friends!

You’re welcome Mom!

Not to mention the fact that I’m Facebook friends with tons of other family members and church leaders from the past and present.

It’s a good thing I try to stay on my best behavior!

I can think of lots of families from the scriptures where the kids might not be so keen on being Facebook friends with their parents…

“And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.” (Luke 15:13)

? Are you Facebook friends with your parents?


4 12 2010

I love any place I can get:

a hot dog.
piece of pizza.

all for less than $3.

Costco has everything.

Did you know they sell caskets?

My personal finance teacher at BYU said Costco caskets are the best deal on the market!

If only Nephi had access to a Costco, he would’ve been alright when his bow broke. (yeah that’s right, you can buy a bow at Costco)

Although, if he had a Costco I doubt he would have been concerned with a bow. He’d probably just stock up on hamburger meat!

“And it came to pass that as I, Nephi, went forth to slay food, behold, I did break my bow…” (1 Nephi 16:18)

? What’s your favorite thing about Costco?

it happened.

2 12 2010

Missionaries come home with some of the craziest stories.
My favorites are usually the “I crapped my pants” stories.

Pretty much every elder who serves in South America has one of those…. But this isn’t something reserved for just the foreign missionaries.

My brother served in Nebraska and he’s got some good stories.

I never had that problem on my mission. The worst thing that happened to me was food poisoning. (I threw up right in front of a little girl and her mom.) I always wondered how anyone could ever be in a situation where they simply couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

I no longer wonder.

I must have eaten something bad (no, it wasn’t Leah’s cooking). It was a reheated burrito from awhile ago.

Well, let’s just say it didn’t sit so well. In fact I had a close call just sitting here on the couch.

Then I left to go judge a bboy competition.
Right as I pulled up to the venue….

It was simply beyond control.

“and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency…” (1 Corinthians 7:5)

I turned the car around – headed back home.
But then came the awkward struggle to decide how to handle the cleanup. A variety of thoughts came to mind, but I finally decided on:

taking my shoes off and rolling my pants up like capris to help avoid any spillage.
So, I trudged through the snow in socks and capris and opened the door and headed straight to the shower.

Anyways, I made it back to the jam…. still feeling not so good, but able to judge. It was a fun night with some good battles – but the craziest battle of the night was the one I had with my bowels…

I lost.

Maybe next time I should try these.

? Any good stories out there?



1 12 2010

When I first moved to Utah I hated it.
I grew up in Texas and finished up high school living in Singapore.

I felt like I moved from an island filled with opportunity to an enclosed land filled with cookie cutter mormons.

I was right….
and wrong.

When I step outside I am completely surrounded by mountains and there are definitely some straight out the oven cookies living here.

But there is so much more…

There are kind, sincere, genuine people here…

And the mountains?
Well, they’re pretty cool sometimes too 🙂

“the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains…” (2 Nephi 12:2)

Good thing I had a change of heart because it looks like we could be living here for awhile…

? Would you ever live in Utah?

a new challenge.

30 11 2010

I just finished a book called, “The Art of Non Conformity” last night.
I’ve already recommended the blog – but I’ll plug the book as well.

It’s worth it.
A great read about pursuing happiness in an unconventional manner. The book focuses on ways that you can make the things you love the focus of your life.

One of the topics covered in the book is decluttering your life and removing the unnecessary items.

An example cited was a man who moved his entire wardrobe into his hall closet. He said he would only move an item back to the closet in his room after he wore it. Whatever was left in his hall closet after one year was promptly disposed of. If you don’t wear it during a one year span then the odd are strong you’ll never wear it.

I love the idea so much I’m going to follow suit.
I will be moving all of my clothes to the study – once I wear it, I will bring it back to the closet.

Anything leftover in one year will be taken over to Deseret Industries because I will no longer be wearing it.

This is a great way to remove the clutter from my own life and also be able to make a donation to DI!

“all men should have charity…” (2 Nephi 26:30)

I’m excited to try this out and look forward to seeing the results!

? Do you have lots of clothes that you never wear?

who are you connected to?

21 11 2010

I gave the lesson in Elder’s Quorum today about the sacrament.

I prepared a lesson (Saturday night) and then of course the lesson went completely different than I imagined.
When this happens I’m usually scared and excited.
Scared of what might happen.
Excited that maybe the Spirit is actually guiding the conversation.

Well, it took me about 10 minutes to work through everything I had.
Then we got to one of my last discussion points.
Reverence in sacrament.
We spent the rest of the time discussing this one seemingly small subject.

The discussion centered on smartphones.
Of course, because everyone loves a good debate and smart phones in church makes for wonderful back and forth.

At one point in time we had a man argue that “bringing a smartphone into church and saying that it’s ok because I have the scriptures on it was no better than bringing a playboy into church that had a scripture case around it.”

That’s how the discussion started – and then I basically mediated a firestorm.

One comment stands out form the rest.
One of the men said that smartphones are wonderful for connecting to the world – in fact that is basically the very purpose for having a smartphone.

It allows you to be connected via: text. phone. facebook. twitter. email. blogs. internet. foursquare (I mean I actually checked into church the other week).

But, the man said, who do we come to church to connect with?

Heavenly Father.

We don’t need a smart phone for that.
He said that leaving his phone in the car for 3 hours was a personal way of showing that he was literally willing to disconnect form the world and connect fully to Heavenly Father.

Insightful. I felt like the comment was directed at me for some reason.
Perhaps I was feeling guilty about playing Angry Birds, or Words with Friends.

He’s right though, we go to church to connect with God – not stay connected with a world of distractions.
God doesn’t want us to multi-task Him in for 5 minutes while we take the sacrament between playing games and texting our friends.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3)

But there were others who argued that it’s just a matter of self control. You could bring the phone into church and use the scriptures application as long as you avoided the games, texting and Internet.

? What do you think about smartphones in sacrament?

awkward haircut.

20 11 2010

I like long hair. I’d like to grow my hair out but it’s just not going to fly here in the business world.

However, I’m not a huge fan of getting haircuts.
I’m mostly tired of every girl who cuts my hair making some kind of comment about the state of my scalp.

hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30)

I’ve been to Fantastic Sam’s – and I’m now on my fourth girl.

I wake up with some fairly large chunks of skin floating around in my hair each morning after practice.
I know it disgusts you.
I know you think it must be some kind of illness.

It’s called bboy dandruff.

I need a barber who understands this condition and who will cut without judgement.

? Anyone know a good barber?


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