brandon davies scandal day 2.

2 03 2011

Ok, we’ve had about 24 hours to listen to everybody’s opinion on how devastating the loss of Brandon Davies is to the Cougars.

The most impressive thing that’s come out of this loss?
A video clip of Chris Broussard and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s, 1st and 10.

I’ve perused the comments section on the article posted on ESPN about the suspension.
Last I checked there was over 3000 comments on the article.

The comments run the gamut:

Super Positive: “I wish Brandon and his family all the best in the future, because I can only imagine how hard this has to be on them. Basketball pales in comparison to the truly important things in life, and I hope that Brandon is able to use whatever happened as a learning experience.”

Super Negative:Provo was the creepiest place I have ever been. The bad, negative energy and vibes there are palpable. And with the history of racism in the moron church, It boggles my mind that any black people have ever played there, and that a white person who is not a racist would play there.”

I’ve only read a handful of the comments (if you consider a handful to be somewhere around 800) and there is some serious trash on the boards. It is interesting how the tone of the message board has at certain points turned into a full-on assault on the LDS church.

People jump on the opportunity to point the finger and mock.

Let’s go back to the video I mentioned earlier.
The reason the video caught my eye was because it is interesting that the “higher ups” in the industry – those with jobs in as sports analysts (not some joe basketball sitting on a couch) seem to applaud not only the suspension but the Honor Code as a whole.

“I like it that while most programs on their level will sell their soul to win games, they’re saying there are certain things more important than a game, we’re trying to teach you to be a man.” (Chris Broussard)

“Most people seem prone to scoff at BYU’s standards… I don’t think they’re so unrealistic that you can’t win a championship.” (Skip Bayless)

When you go to BYU you KNOW what you are getting yourself into.
You KNOW the code you’re signing, in fact you are reminded of the code each year as you are asked to resign it.

There are plenty of items in the Honor Code I could sit and argue about with you.
Top of my list is the dress and grooming standards. I was never a big fan of shaving or cutting my hair.
HOWEVER, no one forced me to go to BYU.
I chose to go there.
The Honor Code is a VERY integral part of the school.

I am still just as disappointed as everyone else about Davies. It is a big blow to the team.

BUT I do not believe it is insurmountable.
This is one of those moments in life where adversity provides opportunity.
There is someone else (or multiple people) on that team that will now play a bigger role. This is an opportunity for a very, very good team to demonstrate character, desire and heart.

You might not be a big fan of former coach Bob Knight, but even he believes that this setback is NOT a deathblow.
We’ll see BYU play just as well as they have been playing…. that’s the kind of thing that will be a rallying point for the BYU team…. I think that BYU will move right on without a hitch whatsoever.” (Bob Knight)

There is still hope.
I’m not giving up on the team.

In fact without our big man and with the obvious possibility of starting a smaller team, I think we’re going to see BYU run the floor harder and faster than we’ve seen before (if that’s even possible).

Oh and a side note to all of the haters on the boards.
Stick to commenting on basketball. There is no need for the religious vitriol.

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers…” (2 Peter 3:3)
I guess we were bound to get some hate…

? Thoughts on the Honor Code and this whole Davies situation?

i hate you brandon davies.

1 03 2011

We just lost our best big man in the paint.

We? BYU.
Big man? Brandon Davies.

We needed you Brandon.
Jimmer is the man, but the past few games have shown us that we need the whole team.
He can’t do it alone.

BYU’s potential Final Four chances were dealt a significant blow when starting forward Brandon Davies was dismissed Tuesday from the team for the remainder of the season for a violation of the school’s honor code.” (Brandon Davies Dismissed from team)

I know that nobody is perfect.
Mistakes are made – I understand that really, really, well.
I understand that he needs to be penalized for disobedience (another thing I understand pretty well)
But, right before we head into the most important part of the year during our BEST year ever?

I feel sick.
My stomach sank when I read the news.

Brandon, I don’t actually hate you.
I’m just a little angry right now.
I wish you the best in getting everything straightened out so that we can have you back next season and you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to do what you love.
“they which belong to it must needs be stirred up unto repentance…” (2 Nephi 28:19)

You will be missed.

I’m sorry that your mistakes made the national news.
But if you live in the spotlight, all of your life ends up in the spotlight.

Now we need a new game plan to finish out the season, win the MWC tournament and hopefully make a deep run in the tournament….

Good luck guys! (we’re gonna need a little more now)

? What do you think about the dismissal of Davies?

the world’s most challenging sport.

17 02 2011

I’ve been part of this particular debate multiple times now:
What is the most difficult sport to play?

I’m talking overall.
When all things have been factored in, what sport is the most challenging and demanding of its participants?

What would you guess?

I’ve heard a couple different arguments.

The hardest part about baseball is trying to hit the blasted ball.
Have you ever struggled at the batting cages?
I have. I think I was only on the 35 mph setting as well. It’s pretty hard to hit that little bugger.

As far as my golf game is concerned, I’d say that whole game is challenging. But, not very physically demanding.

Soccer always gets my vote. Soccer consists of 2 non-stop 45 minute halves. That is a lot of running. You also have to be mentally sharp in order to read gaps in the defense or protect your own side of the pitch.

Every time I have been part of one of these debates it usually ends with everyone more entrenched in their previous views (pretty much standard for all debates, right?).

Well, Google has made debates like this a little more conclusive. After my latest sports encounter I decided to see if any one has tried comparing sports.

I think ESPN basically has the answers for anything and everything sports related.
This debate is no exception.

They ranked EVERY sport based on the following categories:

ENDURANCE: The ability to continue to perform a skill or action for long periods of time. Example: Lance Armstrong
STRENGTH: The ability to produce force. Example: NFL linebackers.
POWER: The ability to produce strength in the shortest possible time. Example: Barry Bonds.
SPEED: The ability to move quickly. Example: Marion Jones, Maurice Green.
AGILITY: The ability to change direction quickly. Example: Derek Jeter, Mia Hamm.
FLEXIBILITY: The ability to stretch the joints across a large range of motion. Example: Gymnasts, divers.
NERVE: The ability to overcome fear. Example: High-board divers, race-car drivers, ski jumpers.
DURABILITY: The ability to withstand physical punishment over a long period of time. Example: NBA/NHL players.
HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The ability to react quickly to sensory perception. Example: A hitter reacting to a breaking pitch; a drag racer timing acceleration to the green light.
ANALYTIC APTITUDE: The ability to evaluate and react appropriately to strategic situations. Example: Joe Montana reading a defense; basketball point guard on a fast break.

Each sport was given a number ranking from 1-10 based on how demanding the sport was in the particular category. The score were then compiled to give each sport a score out of 100. The sport with the highest overall number is the “world’s toughest sport”.

What sport won?


Boxing? Really?

It only gets more bizarre.
Here are the top ten:

Ice Hockey.
Martial Arts.

To be fair, I haven’t played all of these sports at a competitive level, so I guess I am in no position to make official judgments.

I was shocked to see Soccer SO far down the list.

Well, the next time your friends are bantering about how difficult their sport is, just let them know it’s nothing compared to boxing.

I wonder how warfare would rank next to some of these sports.
I mean Ammon single handedly chopped off a crap load of arms and then hit some guys with a sling shot and stones. It would seem that he would probably be ranked near the top of this list, right?
“But Ammon stood forth and began to cast stones at them with his sling…
But behold, every man that lifted his club to smite Ammon, he smote off their arms with his sword; for he did withstand their blows by smiting their arms with the edge of his sword, insomuch that they began to be astonished, and began to flee before him; yea, and they were not few in number; and he caused them to flee by the strength of his arm.” (Alma 17:36-37)

? What do you think is the most demanding sport?


27 01 2011

Today’s Deseret News Sports headline: “San Diego State, you just got Jimmered“.
Go read it. Now. Then come back.

Jimmered (verb): “It means a guy just scored on you in via distance, as in different zip code. Or in a torrential down pour.”

When your name becomes a verb (used positively) you know you’ve moved past the common folk (ie. me and the rest of us without an -ed on the end of our names).

I haven’t followed him too closely this season, but what I witnessed last night was breathtaking.
Figuratively as well.

He takes some UGLY shots, shots that look forced and shots that you think, NO way is that going in…

But then he Jimmers it and chalks up another 2 or 3 points.

Last night he put a scoring clinic for visiting in conference rivals (no.4 nationally ranked) San Diego State University.
He dropped 43 points.
The scoring clinic went so well that some big names even gave some respect to the 6’2″ white boy.

Check this out:

Jimmer, you made me a believer last night.
I’ve got the fever.
I’m counting on you to lead us deep into the tournament. (Final 4 would be great, thanks!)

As a tribute to “college basketball’s new household name” (according to the Wall Street journal) I’ve decided to try and verbify (my own word) some scripture characters names.

Ammoned: to get beat so badly that you actually lose limbs (mostly arms).
Danieled: to be lulled into passivity by your opponent.
Noahed: to have a great defense set up for the other teams raining shots.
“And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark…” (Genesis 8:1)

Ok- those were cheesy, yes. But it’s almost midnight and I’m tired…

? How have you likened the scriptures to your life today?

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