31 01 2011

I am non-confrontational. (for the most part- except in intramural sports)
I am quick to flip a situation into a positive experience and if necessary to apologize.

Confrontation occurred this morning.

I was asked to order more bags for the store.
I contacted our usual source.
Then I was told to bypass that source and order directly from the manufacturer.

Have you ever bypassed someone who felt like they were supposed to be in the loop?
It seldom goes well.
This morning was not one of those times.

Our usual source came in guns blazing.
He told the manager he was frustrated with people going behind his back. (ie. me!)
Then when I finally came back from lunch we had a fun chat.
I apologized (he said he didn’t need my apology).

But it’s ok.
I actually understand his frustration.
He’s just upset that we’ve been doing a lot more stuff in-house and today was just the straw that broke the camels back.

“when Laban saw our property, and that it was exceedingly great, he did alust after it, insomuch that he thrust us out, and sent his servants to slay us, that he might obtain our property.” (1 Nephi 3:25)

Luckily this broken camel’s back didn’t lead to this-
“Wherefore Laman and Lemuel did speak many ahard words unto us, their younger brothers, and they did smite us even with a rod.” (1 Nephi 3:28)


? How did you liken the scriptures to your life today?


1 10 2010

I’ve been teaching breakdancing for about three years now.

I think I’ve heard every excuse out there for why a move can’t be done.

I’m too fat.
I’m a girl.
My wrist hurts.
I forgot shoes.
I’m wearing shorts – but I need pants.
I need a jacket.
I’m too thirsty.
I just ate.
My floor at home is different and I like it better.
I’m too sweaty.
I do it all the time – I just can’t right now.
The music is too soft.
The music is too loud.
etc. etc. etc.

There are TONS more…

I’ve started paying close attention to every time I hear an excuse to justify the words, “I can’t…”

I hate hearing those words.
If you can only breakdance on carpet, every 2nd Tuesday of the month, wearing your lucky underwear, while Run DMC is playing on a stereo (not an iPod) then there are some serious issues we need to resolve.

Everyone makes excuses.
It’s a daily occurrence.

I can’t go clean my car right now because I’m writing this post.

So, instead of just making up some lame excuse how about we call things as they are.
I value writing this post more than I value cleaning my car.
I value the competition tomorrow night more than I value painting our book shelf (sorry sweetie).
I value going to the temple with Leah tonight more than the incredibly amazing workshop going on tonight. (you’re welcome sweetie)

Nephi is the man – let’s take a page out of his book:
“Nevertheless, I do not write anything upon plates save it be that I think it be sacred. And now, if I do err, even did they err of old; not that I would excuse myself because of other men, but because of the weakness which is in me, according to the flesh, I would excuse myself.” (1 Nephi 19:6)

He says he can’t because he’s weak.

Although – as I’m writing this post I’m wondering if I would like hearing from my kids that they just don’t want to practice and don’t value breakdancing very much.

Yeah – forget what I just said.

I’d rather hear that your dog ate your breakdance sweats and you can’t breakdance in anything else.

? What’s the best excuse you’ve ever used or heard?


16 04 2010

Countdowns are typically associated with fun positive events such as:

New Years Eve



Summer Vacation

However, sometimes we countdown to events neither fun, nor positive such as:


Dentists Appts. (I had a lot of cavities as a kid)

The end of summer vacation

Death sentence (never experienced it, but I can imagine it’s bad)

This week I have been counting down to meeting Leah’s parents.

Tomorrow is the day.

And although I know I’m not headed to my death (well….), I’m also not headed into Christmas.

So, tomorrow will be somewhere in between.

I’m just not sure whether it will be closer to death or a holiday.

Has meeting the parents always been like this?


And no.

Jacob met Rachel at a well and fell in love.

“And Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted up his voice…” (Genesis 29:11)

Jacob went to meet the parents and ended up having to work 7 years for Rachel, only to find out he had been tricked and was given the younger daughter Leah. He then works another 7 years before finally he gets to marry Rachel.

14 years of working to get his bride.

I’m pretty sure I won’t have to face that… Anyways, I want Leah so I guess I’d only be working 7 years!

Nephi and his brothers had it easy. They showed up in Jerusalem, picked up Ishmael and his daughters and boom:

“… I, Nephi took one of the daughters of Ishmael to wife…” (1 Nephi 16:7)

Hhmm. I doubt it will be that easy…

I guess it’s somewhere in between…

I’ll find out tomorrow… and then you’ll find out.

the testaments.

13 04 2010

Just got back from teaching seminary…

If only this could be my full time job.

We are in 3rd Nephi right now and have been talking for the past couple of weeks about the Savior’s visit to the people in the Americas. I decided that we would take a couple days to watch a video called The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd.

This is one of the best movies the Church has produced. (Although it doesn’t take much to beat some of those old 80’s seminary movies – haha) The Church is taking the production of media more seriously and as a result we are being blessed with high quality films that do a wonderful job of inviting the spirit.

If you haven’t seen this in awhile I recommend you watch it soon… And if you’re on a tight schedule, skip to the last ten minutes.

Every time I listen to this scripture quoted, I get a little misty-eyed…

“Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name — hear ye him.” (3 Nephi 11:7)

Afterwards we talked about the two major groups in the movie:

The Believers and the Unbelievers.

I asked the kids how they could believe in Christ when they have never seen Him.

One of them just looked at me and said, “I just know. And I’ll always know.”

There were others who I got the feeling didn’t quite believe, but wanted to believe.

I told them there would come a time, when the testimony of others would not be good enough. None of us can rely on someone else to keep us afloat. At some point we must develop and nourish our own faith. Once we do, it will not matter if the entire world fell apart, our faith would remain, because it is ours.

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