voice lessons day one.

28 01 2011

I had my first voice lesson today with Johnny Ahn.
He’s got a killer voice and today was step one towards my own personal set of powerful pipes!

It would be nice to be able to sing comfortably without dropping my volume so low it cannot be heard.

“my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness.” (Psalms 51:14)

We did a bunch of drills, scale type things (very reminiscent of my days on the french horn)

Most of us try to establish comfort zones and then keep our lives within them so that we are surrounded by familiarity.

Subjecting another human being to my voice for an hour is WAY outside my comfort zone.
I was sweating. Alot.
But it felt great. (in a weird kind of way)

After all the drills, he let me try to sing a song. (try)
I chose “What Goes Around Comes Around” (Justin Timberlake)

A touch beyond my current range of notes.
SO, Johnny suggested I choose a Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble song.
Done and Done.

“The Way You Look Tonight” by Michael Buble.
Here’s how it should sound…

? How did you liken the scriptures to your life today?


26 08 2010

We have a new(esque) girl working at the store now.
She’s a recent high school graduate just starting her first year at UVU.

A couple nights ago, we got talking about the “type” of people we were.

Have you ever talked with someone who tried to categorize you?
I’ve stood on both sides of conversation.
I’ve categorized and been categorized.

It all begins with appearance.
Hipsters. Goths. Emo’s. Jocks. “Easy” girls. Academics. Outcasts. Bboys.

They all have a look that is pretty recognizable.

But does the look truly represent the person?

and no.

“…but the judgments of man are not always just.” (Mosiah 29:12)

I was talking with our new girl and asked her how she categorized herself.
She responded by asking me if she had to fit into just one category?

Great question – and the answer is no. There are definitely the extremes out there who are almost exactly the type of person their image stands for – but I feel like there are alot of HYBRIDS in this world.

You are most likely a hybrid.
I’m a hybrid.

By hybrid, I mean a mutt-like collection of various interests and influences.
This particular girl is her own hybrid version of emo, goth, indie and harijuku.

I’m a mix of business, bboy and Justin Timberlake! (well, at least this is what I like to think)

However, the interesting thing about categories is that the ones you put yourself in are not necessarily the ones that others put you in.

The categories are always changing. The next time you try to categorize someone you should probably stop and find out a little bit about them before throwing them into a very generalized category!

? What are you a hybrid of?


23 08 2010

One of my assignments for the wedding.

I’m not doing so well with it at the moment.
It sucks that my buddy Mike had some sick ties for us to wear to his wedding and I’m not really feeling anything I’m seeing.

I’m down to 2 weeks and I’m feeling the heat.

I gotta come up with something.

I am really into the whole skinny tie thing, so that narrows things down a bit.

It helps that I often take my fashion cues from Justin and (if the money was there) Neil Kaffrey.

Although eventually skinny ties will be out and fat will be back. Basically you should just wear whatever you want to wear because eventually everything comes back into style…

or, out of style completely:

“or the fashion of this world passeth away…” (1 Corinthians 7:31)

This whole tie thing has been a sore spot in the whole planning process. I will be a lot happier when I find ties and we can call it a day!

? Are you a fat tie or skinny tie?


26 05 2010

Do you remember your dreams?
I do.

I dream most nights – and if I dream I typically remember them the next morning.

I’m not sure if my dreams mean anything – I’m gonna say, probably not!

But I had 3 dreams last night and I will share them with you from least favorite to most;

3. I was at graduate school and talking with a counselor. I told the counselor that I wanted to become more involved with digital media and she signed me up for a digital photography course. (maybe I should try and make this one come true)

2. I was back in my backyard in Texas. The pool was filled with a great white shark and it would come up to the edge of the pool and I would hit it with a stick. Then I jumped in the pool and had to outswim the shark (which of course I did)

1. I met up with Justin Timberlake. I was in his closet (which looked like a store) We were hanging out and laughing and then I said I liked his sweater and he just took it off and gave it to me. Then my friends Clara and Katie showed up and we all just hung out.

Yeah – the JT dream, pretty much awesome. It was like we were friends just chillin. Dang. That would be so awesome.

So, do the dreams mean anything?

Probably not.

And I probably shouldn’t read into my dreams too much.

“…neither hearken to your bdreams which ye cause to be dreamed.” (Jeremiah 29:8)

? What was your last dream?


28 04 2010

Remember Mariah?

She was the one with the helpful suggestions about my appearance and grooming.

Well — she got to me.

Here’s the short hair:

Before you bite my head off about changing myself because of the opinions of some people I just met, let me explain my reasoning.

I told the story to my mom — and I have to admit, each time I retell this story I probably get a little more carried away with how crazy it was : )

My mom pointed out something I didn’t see when I was in Portland. Mariah was not saying anything bad about me. In fact we got along quite well because we share VERY similar literary interests (The Tipping Point, Think and Grow Rich, Blink, Outliers, etc. etc.).

All I heard was: Kyle you need to change, change, change because you’re not good enough.

I should have heard: Kyle you need to change your outward appearance to match your personality.

It was a compliment.

Thank-you Mariah.

My mission president told me when I left that I should always look like a missionary.

President Munday would be glad to hear that 5 years and countless crazy hairstyles later I finally understand the necessity of a clean cut exterior.

If I had showed up with an exterior that resembled the interior — maybe my trip to meet the family would have gone better.

It doesn’t matter how much we say that it is what is inside that counts —

“…and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes…” (Isaiah 11:3)

EVERYONE makes some sort of judgement based on appearance:

Exhibit A:

Think of the first word that comes to mind when you see these pictures —

All 3 are JT (my not-so secret-completely hetereosexual-man crush) BUT — which JT do you bring home to Mom & Dad?

There is no way you described all 3 JT’s with the same words. EVERYONE makes snap judgements in the blink of an eye.

Still don’t believe me? Go read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Now.

?  Have you been judged based on your appearance? How did it go?

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