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25 08 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?
Of course I have. Well, I do.
A lot.

I got home from work and went and saw Leah yesterday and we were talking about our days and the convo went something like this:

Leah: There is a lot to get done before we get married. I need to finish up this magazine so it can be sent to press.
Kyle: Yeah, I know. I had a long day too. I bought some sleds for the Christmas. Long day at the office. HAHAHA

This is a typical day for me.
I LOVE it.

My cousin Ty is the man. He has been teaching me everything I could ever hope to know about the buying processes and procedures. I couldn’t have asked for somebody better to learn from.

Today we did our Halloween orders. (If you live anywhere remotely close to the store you HAVE to come by for Halloween. The store is going to have some AMAZING stuff)

We are already doing the Christmas orders as well (hence, the sleds I bought the other day).

There is SO much stuff that needs to be done and I just love being at work. I go in early every day because I am EXCITED to get as much done as I possibly can. Yesterday I worked from about 7:45 AM – 10:00 PM. It was a LONG day but when I went to see Leah she remarked at how happy I seemed.

I just could not be happier right now about my current work situation.

It is amazing to see how your life can change in an instant. In May I was unemployed with no job prospects at all.
Now, I am working a job that beings me (and kids) a lot of happiness.

I’m like Santa, or maybe an elf – or maybe the Candyman.
Well, whatever it is, I love it.

It’s nice to have a job that puts bread on the table and is also enjoyable.

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground…” (Genesis 3:19)

? What’s your dream job?


2 08 2010

I had the chance to interview someone today for a job at the store.

Job interviews:
A 5-minute opportunity to sell yourself.

It was interesting to be on the side conducting the interview for a change.

People feel like job experience, education, internships are the most important stuff…

On the resume, sure!
In an interview, not really!

Your resume gets you the interview.

YOU get yourself the job.

You didn’t get the interview so that your resume could be rehashed.
You got the interview so the company could see if you would fit well in their system.

Your personality is the winner.
You have to find a way to connect with the person interviewing you.

Sometimes it’s easy (you share a mutual friend)
Sometimes it’s a little harder (you quickly scanned the office and decided to bond over the spongebob pez dispenser)

I don’t care what you do – you have to connect.

Companies want experience, talent, skill etc. etc… (If you got the interview they must have thought you at least stood out in some context.)
but – what they really want is someone they like.

Congratulations to Joey tonight. It was a fun interview and it turns out we share a mutual friend (he had it easy).

“And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.” (Matthew 4:18)

I’m trying to imagine Peter and Andrew interviewing to be fisherman.
It’s more comedic than anything else.

When did we start doing job interviews?

Didn’t we used to just do apprenticeships?
I think I would have ended up somewhere in typesetting or scribe work. Not sure…

? What’s your best job interview advice?


1 08 2010

*Ok first I’m going to make a quick plug for myself. Remember the video I posted for the Dr. Pepper dance contest? Well, if you’ve got a minute go make a comment on it! (Well, if you liked it – otherwise it’s probably better you just ignore this – haha) I need lots of comments!

I’ve got big news!

I’ve basically spent almost two years searching for an opportunity to work at a PR firm – or do anything PR related.
I desperately wanted to be involved with a firm somewhere, anywhere!

When I moved back to Utah I got in touch with Cheryl from Snapp Conner (a PR guru who started her own firm in the area!). After lots of pleasantly persistent emails and meetings we were able to work out an employment opportunity!

I was overjoyed, thrilled, ecstatic etc. etc.
This was what I wanted.

I went in to Blickenstaff’s and let them know about the offer and my potential departure.

After some discussion and some waiting to hear back from the men at the top a counteroffer of sorts was presented.

As the movie mobsters famously say, “it was an offer I couldn’t refuse“.

Yeah, you heard right – I walked away from my dream job!

BUT – I am going to have some very unique opportunities that I could NOT pass up with Blickenstaff’s.

Blickenstaff’s has thus far been successful and the fourth quarter will be a whirlwind of profit (prediction).
This is my opportunity to get in at the ground level of something amazing.
I am going to bust my butt harder than ever before to make sure that when this company takes off, I take off too!

They are going to teach me how to become a buyer – I’ve also been given tremendous autonomy in regards to PR and marketing.
At SchoolTipline (a start-up I worked for several years ago, I wrote some releases that got us national press and an overwhelming amount of leads)
I know if I put my head down and work like crazy that we will see similar if not better results!

I am so grateful to Cheryl at Snapp Conner for helping me and being so gracious and kind. Everything I have read or heard about her firm is extremely positive. In fact, if you are ever in need of an agency to represent you, Snapp Conner is my hands-down recommendation!

I am grateful to Blickenstaff’s for believing in me and giving me an opportunity I literally never dreamed of.

Now it’s time to get to work!

“Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will…” (D&C 58:27)

? What is your dream job?

snapp conner.

2 07 2010

Let’s flashback to Monday when I said, “I have a feeling something great is going to happen this week.”

Well, it’s Friday and the greatness came.

I interviewed with Snapp Conner PR, a local PR shop that has thrived despite the recession. (This is a feat simply because when the economy tanks PR is typically one of the first budget cuts companies make)

The interview was with Cheryl Snapp Conner (founder). I came in touch with Cheryl while I was working with SchoolTipline over a year ago. There was a mutual company (SageCreek Partners) that brought us together. Since then I have been politely persistent in my efforts to build a relationship and procure a job opportunity.

A lot has happened during the year.

But I am grateful I got the chance to go meet with her today. We had a wonderful interview. I would fit nicely within her organization and I know if she gives me the chance to work I would kill it.

I’m hungry.
Hungry for success.
Hungry for growth.

I just need the chance.

Despite waiting practically a year for a PR job – it looks like I’ll have to wait another few weeks while she finishes up closing several more accounts and then she will get back to me if she decides to offer me something.

SO much waiting.

People say that when you have to wait for something you appreciate it so much more.

This past year has been one giant exercise in waiting.
I’m over it. Haha

It would be nice to get something right when I want it for once, instead of having to wait, wait, wait! (This is very whiney, but just go with it)

I know, I know – Kyle you need to learn patience.
Well, if you think I’m being impatient now, you should have seen me a year ago.
I’ve made progress. (a little)

“…and let your diligence, and your perseverance, and patience, and your works be redoubled, and you shall in nowise lose your reward…” (D&C 127:4)

? Where is your patience being tried right now?

web of decisions.

24 05 2010

There are a lot of decisions to be made and I’m not quite sure where I will be in the fall.

Let me fill you in on how everything is connected.

I got into graduate school at Southern Utah University (school starts in late August).

BUT – Leah and I are either getting married in October or next June. IF it’s October then I won’t do graduate school. IF it’s June then I definitely will.

Leah accepted a job offer at UV Magazine (full time salary position) – so, she will definitely be here in the fall.

SO – that rules out graduate school – UNLESS we get married next June.

I have 2 jobs hereBUT neither are what I would call final-destination jobs. So, I want something better – but if we get married in October I’ll be working those still most likely (unless I can get something to change)

Oh – and I was supposed to go to Phoenix this wknd to RE-meet the parents and hopefully get permission to marry Leah – BUT I can’t get work off, because I have to open up the store on Saturday morning.

This is no bueno because her parents don’t want us getting engaged before I see them again (maybe I should send a picture of my new short haircut).

If I can’t do the RE-meet this wknd – then when? Later, obviously. But if I wait too long then we can’t get married in October because there is not enough time.

Leah said last night that she would like October & I’ve been saying forever that I want to get married sooner rather than later.

SO – if the October plan works out then we will both be here in the Valley and somehow I need to find a way to get to Phoenix sooner rather than later.

Ok – so I guess it’s really not too complicated. But last night and when I woke up this morning it seemed complicated.

Oh the other thing was I really wanted to do something here in Utah (as far as a reception goes) – but if it’s in October we can’t use my Aunt Val’s backyard. Lame!

That’s everything. I think.

Sometimes I wish I had a Liahona to just tell me which direction I’m supposed to go…

Oh wait we all have a type of one –

“receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do…” (2 Nephi 32:5)

? How does the Holy Ghost show us the things we should do?

It sounds like an easy church answer question – but I’m actually really curious to know how the Holy Ghost guides YOU!

blickenstaffs & security one.

13 05 2010

Yup – that’s right – last week I was unemployed.

This week?
Employed x 2

I do phone sales with my old boss Frankie at SecurityOne.


I am the new Assistant Manager @ Blickenstaffs.

What is Blickenstaffs?

Excellent question.

It is the latest and greatest toy/game/candy store to hit the Valley (Utah Valley, of course)

The position came thanks to my cousin Ty Roney (thanks man) – and yes I’m fairly confident this is a real position, unlike our good friend, Dwight, from the Office. (Assistant TO the Regional Manager)

The plan is to work full-time at Blickenstaffs and then I’ll do part-time at Security One. So, I guess now I’m technically going to be working time and a half.


Grateful is the first word that comes to mind right now. VERY grateful.

“I am very thankful before God this day…” (Mosiah 7:12)

? Name one thing you are grateful for this day?

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