infectious smile.

11 01 2011

Today was long. cold. and kinda eh.
Classes didn’t go so well tonight.
Everyone has off days, right?

I decided to cheer up with a little Sonic.
$.69 cheeseburgers today!

I pulled up to the window and my day was changed.

Some high school girl with braces, acne and the traditional Sonic outfit opened the window with the biggest smile on her face.

Thank-you for being so happy.
Thank-you for somehow smiling brighter each time you opened the window.

You made my day.
“And the heavens have smiled upon her…” (D&C 84:101)

? What do you normally get when you go to Sonic?


3 10 2010

We are in between sessions of conference right now and I can’t stop thinking about President Monson’s talk.

Isn’t it crazy how you can hear hundreds of talks about the same exact topics, yet they seem to touch you differently each time.
I love it.
I’m glad that we get reminded frequently about the basics. I need it.

President Monson’s talk reminded me of a quote I just read earlier this morning before the session started.

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.” (Joseph Addison)

I have a lot to be grateful for.

I have been blessed with ALL 3 essentials to happiness.

Something to do:
I have a wonderful job that I love.
I have skills and talents that I can dedicate time to improving.

Something to love:
I have a beautiful wife who is my best friend.
I have been blessed with a truly amazing family who I owe much to.
I have friends that I love with all my heart.

Something to hope for:
I have been blessed with the Gospel in my life. The Gospel gives me the greatest hope of all. I hope to someday return to the presence of God to dwell forever with all of my friends and family.

“…eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.” (D&C 14:7)

Take a quiet moment today and think about the blessings you have. Even if you are in the midst of the most difficult and trying time of your life you will be able to find that you have been blessed more than you realize.

? What’s been your favorite conference talk?

marriage prep.

23 09 2010

I took my singles ward dating/marriage prep class 5 times.
4 of those were with the same teacher. (Sherri, bless your heart – I bet you never thought I’d get married)

Do I feel like taking a marriage class is the best preparation for being married?
No. (Although I really, really enjoyed Sherri’s classes)

The best preparation for marriage?
My mission.

Here are 5 things I learned on my mission that will pay off huge in my marriage (I hope):

5. Study your scriptures with your companion.
Every day you wake up and study the scriptures with your companion. Leah and I have been studying at night – but it’s been wonderful to spend a few minutes reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon. My companion and I were most successful when teaching the gospel when we built a solid foundation in the morning. Elder Holland said that the 2 hour block spent in study would make or break our mission experience. There is something really special about laying that foundation in my marriage so that hopefully someday when we are asked to teach (our future kids) we will be ready.

“But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind…” (D&C 9:8)

4. Keep clear channels of communication with your companion.
Once a week you clear the air.
Do you have a problem?
Do I have a problem?
Let’s throw it on the table, discuss it and be done with it. I think it’s easier with guys to do this. We are typically very willing to articulate what you did wrong and why we don’t like it. If not with our mouths, then with our fists. Hopefully Leah and I can learn to keep open channels of communication so neither of us ever reach a breaking point where things get crazy!

3. Eat what’s on the table.
I have eaten cereal with spiders in it.
I have eaten curry with cat hair in it.
I have a sandwich with dog drool soaking the bread.
I have even eaten a stew filled with the sweat of the poor sister who spent too much time leaning over the pot.
Leah, you can cook anything and I will eat it.

2. Don’t let the word ‘no’ upset you.
After talking with thousands of people who wanted nothing to do with me, the word ‘no’ doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I don’t take it personally, I don’t feel like crying, or pouting, or arguing. As much as I would LOVE to hang up these breakdance posters I have collected over the years from competitions I’ve done, I can accept that at this current time, they will not be lining our walls. I have also learned to accept that I am not allowed to call a bag of SunChips a legitimate meal.

1. End each day with a prayer that includes gratitude.
Fact, bad days happen on the mission. You and your companion disagree, an investigator sends you off, you get beat up, you get your bike stolen, you don’t mail, you get a dear john etc. etc. But when you get down on your knees at night to pray and thank Heavenly Father for your blessings – well it can make even the worst day seem ok. Real life is no different than the mission, there are good and bad days. But even the bad days can be made ok when you end the day with a prayer that includes some gratitude for blessings.

Thank-you 2003-2005 England Birmingham Mission for teaching me some things that will hopefully help me be a better husband…

? What are some things you learned or wish you learned that could benefit your marriage?

greener grass.

17 08 2010

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Well, it certainly seems that way at times.

It seems to me that the happiest people I know are the ones who have learned to completely ignore that saying.
It’s not a skill I have really developed yet.

I’m a looker.
I’m always on the look for the next thing…

But as I got home from work today I thought about the blessings I have in my life and my mind was at peace. I was filled with gratitude and my mind was not focused on the “next thing” – but rather was grateful for all that I currently have.

This is a thought that I need to make on a more frequent basis.

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…” (Ephesians 5:20)

Maybe if I was a little more grateful I would be a little less prone to looking elsewhere for greener pastures…

? Are you a looker, or ever grateful?


4 07 2010

Today we celebrate America.

We celebrate the bravery of the men and women who courageously gave their lives to found a nation based on providing it’s people “certain inalienable rights” including “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“.

The American Dream.

This phrase sums up an important reason our country receives so much attention.

The American Dream is basically the belief that in this country an individual can accomplish anything if they put in the time and work.

The dream is not dead.
It is not a thing of the past.

We still have the freedom to pursue happiness and procure for ourselves a better life than we currently have.

The question is, what are we doing with that freedom?

Do we take it for granted?


Do we use it to the fullest thus truly showing our gratitude for the sacrifices made to ensure these freedoms?

What good is a gift if we don’t use it?
Empty thank-you’s are useless if we don’t use the gift.

We have freedoms that some countries STILL do NOT have.

We are blessed.
Let’s be thankful and use the freedoms we have for good.

“And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me.” (D&C 98:5)

? What freedoms are you grateful for?

blickenstaffs & security one.

13 05 2010

Yup – that’s right – last week I was unemployed.

This week?
Employed x 2

I do phone sales with my old boss Frankie at SecurityOne.


I am the new Assistant Manager @ Blickenstaffs.

What is Blickenstaffs?

Excellent question.

It is the latest and greatest toy/game/candy store to hit the Valley (Utah Valley, of course)

The position came thanks to my cousin Ty Roney (thanks man) – and yes I’m fairly confident this is a real position, unlike our good friend, Dwight, from the Office. (Assistant TO the Regional Manager)

The plan is to work full-time at Blickenstaffs and then I’ll do part-time at Security One. So, I guess now I’m technically going to be working time and a half.


Grateful is the first word that comes to mind right now. VERY grateful.

“I am very thankful before God this day…” (Mosiah 7:12)

? Name one thing you are grateful for this day?

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