the buried life.

27 02 2011

If you had one day to live, what would you do? would you climb a mountain? would you kiss the girl of your dreams? would you tell someone how you really feel? now if you had a whole lifetime to live, would you lose that drive? or would your list just keep getting longer?… We left with a promise, for everything we crossed off our list, we’d help someone cross something off of theirs”
(The Buried Life opening credits)

This is how the show, The Buried Life begins.

The Buried Life is about four friends who buy an old bus, fix it up, name it Penelope and head out on the road to accomplish 100 different things they have put on their bucket list.

My buddy Brandon told me about this show a little while ago, but I ever got around to watching it.
Leah watched it while I was at the competition last night and loved it so much she actually blogged about it.

I’m watching my third episode right now.
I’m hooked.

In every episode they try to tackle something on their list while helping one other person accomplish something on their list.

The show is incredible.
It’s one of those shows that makes me feel anxious.
Anxious to do something similar.

Oh man.

Do you have a bucket list?
What would you do if you only had one day to live?

Here’s what I would do:
spend time with family.
eat candy all day long.
maybe eat fries as well.
watch the sunset.
go to the beach.
read a book.
connect with as many friends as possible.
take a hip-hop dance class.

Hhmm… maybe I can’t fit all that in to one day.
The point is to live every day like it’s your last.

Just in case you don’t get it all in during your life, you’ll have a little more time afterwards —
“But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.” (Mosiah 16:8)

? What things do you want to do before you die?



8 responses

27 02 2011

i met them in park city during sundance! i LOVE this show…my favorite episode has to be the one where they “help” deliver a baby. hilarious! and they’re also very nice…so it makes me feel better about being addicted.

28 02 2011

I can’t believe you met them! I’m jealous! I just watched the episode where they throw the crazy party!!!

27 02 2011

This show is awesome. Every time I watch an episode I want to go out and complete another thing on my bucket list. I think the best part is how far they are willing to go in order to fulfill their goals. They show that it is possible to follow your dreams and still make a significant impact for good. You don’t need a college degree or lots of money. All you have to do is pursue what you really want in life.

28 02 2011

Oh man, this show is awesome. It would’ve been so cool to actually do something like this…

28 02 2011

Yeah, they really will do anything to complete their goals. I have to watch some episodes with my eyes covered. I’ve been working on my life list since I was in high school but its fun to see others accomplish their goals.

1 03 2011

I really wish I did a better job of having that “anything it takes” mentality that they have! It makes the show so much fun to watch!!

5 03 2011

Wow, I didn’t know about this, but I surely do know about My Buried Life.
And just reading your post makes me want to live it NOW !

15 05 2011

I love this show. I want to be one of the things they do before they die! P.s. just kidding.

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