22 09 2010

Pride comes before the fall.
This is a popular phrase not just in the church – but in mainstream culture.

I remember hearing it as a kid and having it drilled into my mind that moment I began to get a little arrogant/prideful/complacent/uppity my world would come crashing down (unless I first chose to humble myself)

Have you read President Benson’s talk on pride?
Scary stuff.
Basically pride comes in forms you didn’t even think possible. (ultimately this makes all of us very guilty of pride in some way, shape or form)

“…but beware of pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old.” (D&C 38:39)
Nephites of old? Yeah, a FALLEN people.

I was reminded of my own struggles with the subject this morning.
We have an outside company that handles a lot of our “creative work”.
Graphic Designs.

They’re a touch pricey. So we were discussing the option of moving some of it in-house.
Great idea!

But who should do it?
Of course I volunteered. For some reason I just love volunteering for more projects at work. I was really excited about this one because i’ve always had a desire to really improve my skills in this realm.

I came home so excited and told my wife. She smiled and remarked that it is more challenging to do these things than I think. (she would know – she did graduate with a degree in a very similar field)

Of course I got immediately defensive and exclaimed that I would not only be able to accomplish the projects i just took on but that I would show her I could do just as good as anyone else. (even her)
Yes. Of course.

Leah is So patient with me that even after all of my babble about my “skills’ she even volunteered to help me out.
Can you guess my response?
If you guessed a resounding NO, then you are correct.

Yeah – somebody needs to just pop my head right now.
Well, don’t worry. I popped my own head this morning after I went into the store and took a bunch of pictures. (and wasn’t too thrilled on any of them)

I was wrong.
It is harder than I thought.
I will give credit and respect to those who have studied and worked hard to develop those talents.

However – having said that, there is no reason why I can’t LEARN how to do these things better. Obviously it is not a natural gift, but I will definitely now be putting in some extra time in order to develop these skills.

Maybe I’ll even ask my wife for some help…. (if the offer is still on the table)

? Have you ever thought you could do something and then failed?

too much respect.

17 06 2010

The World Cup has been pretty slow through the first round of games. There were a lot of draws – and the big names didn’t perform as well as I would have liked to see. Even the underdogs didn’t show much spark as a whole.

Most of the teams seem to use the first game in their group to ease into the tournament. They are feeling things out and not taking too many risks.

I understand the logic behind the cautious start – BUT I wouldn’t play it that way.

This is the biggest tournament in national soccer. It only happens once every 4 years. You have 1 chance every 4 years to prove yourself. This is not the time to sit back and play cautious.

Too many people games to not lose – as opposed to seeking the win.

As I was watching the Nigeria/Greece game this morning the announcer said something interesting. He was complimenting Nigeria on the aggressive nature of their play and then said, “it’s too bad they weren’t more aggressive last week against Argentina. It seems like they just showed too much respect to the Argentines.”

Too much respect?

I agree.

Argentina is a respected soccer nation with a lot of clout in the soccer culture – Nigeria approached the Argentines with that thought at the front of their minds.

Today, against Greece, they stood tall. They were confident. They appeared to believe THEY were the best team on the pitch.


Nigeria lost 1-0 to Argentina. (Argentina didn’t exactly play well – and the Nigerian keeper was great) I wonder if the result would have been different if Nigeria had just stood a little taller and believed they were the best team on the pitch.

Being humble is good. Recognizing the talents of others is wonderful. Congratulating others on their accomplishments is great.

BUT when you step out onto the pitch, whether in soccer or in life – you need to believe you are the best team out there.

If you are out there more concerned with not losing than you are with winning you will end up like Nigeria. The team you respected (too much) will walk away with the victory (and not necessarily because they are better).

Show respect, and stand tall believing in yourself.

You can be the BEST.

It reminds me of the Houston Rockets in the ’94 – ’95 seasons. They were not the the greatest team to take the court – but they believed in themselves.
Their coach, Rudy Tomjanovich, said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

’94 and ’95 were CHAMPIONSHIP seasons for the Rockets. (Although it helps that Jordan was retired both of those years – haha)

I think this whole post is probably just for me. I’ve been thinking all day about it. It hit me this morning during the game and I think I sometimes try to not lose instead of taking what I want… the WIN.

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth…” (Mark 9:23)

? Do you go for the win or try to avoid the loss?

Cars & Freedom.

12 06 2010

In 1776 America notched its first victory against the British during the Revolutionary War.

It was the first, but certainly not the last time we beat our “friends” across the pond.

200+ years later it’s time for us to add another tally to the victory total.

USA vs. England. World Cup 2010.

Aside from the Final, this is the most anticipated game of the tournament.

I served my mission in England and love the English team. They’ve got some great players – I LOVE watching Wayne Rooney!


I’m American. And I want America to pull the upset off!

A lot of countries look at America pride as American arrogance…
Hmmm… Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Cars and freedom.

I don’t actually believe the cars part – but, man that commercial is funny!

“And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land…
And I will fortify this land against all other nations…” (2 Nephi 10:11-12)

A land of liberty. A land fortified against all other nations.

It’s too bad the scriptures don’t mention anything about our land being gifted in athletic competitions…

We will need a small miracle to win today…

? Who do you think is going to win?

chip on your shoulder.

2 06 2010

“Chip on your shoulder”

Have you heard this phrase before?
It’s mostly used in sports.

“He’s played his entire career with a chip on his shoulder and that’s worked well for him.” (5 NFC South Players Ready to Pounce, ESPN)

Do you know where the phrase comes from?

The most accepted origin comes from the nineteenth century U.S. practice of starting a fight by placing a chip of wood on your shoulder, daring others to knock it off.

Today the phrase is often used to portray someone who has been slighted and feels an increased desire to prove his worth.

Here’s an example:

Mario Chalmers was a championship caliber college basketball player. Chalmers was projected to be a 1st round top 10 pick.

He was a second round 34th overall pick.

Chalmers felt more than slighted.
“Hell hath no fury quite like that of a scorned NBA draft pick.” (Chalmers Playing Well with Chip on Shoulder, ESPN)

It was his anger and frustration that fueled his desire to show everyone who passed on him that they made a big mistake.
And that the mistake would cost them.

I have a chip on my shoulder. (probably several)

It’s fuels my desire to hone my talents and abilities. It keeps me far from complacent or satisfied. It has created a sense of urgency in my life that is hard to explain.

And – it has created a desire to show those who doubted they made a big mistake.

I’ve been racking my brain to think of people in the scriptures who might have had a chip on their shoulder –
(the great thing about this blog is that a lot of the time I have to spend awhile thinking about the scriptures and how to tie them in to what’s on my mind)

The closest I can come up with is someone like Saul of Tarsus.

“And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord…” (Acts 9:1)

Saul was busy destroying the church.
He was converted and later became a prophet.

There had to have been some people who questioned the sincerity of his conversion.

If it had been me – I would have thought, “dang, I’m gonna have to be SUPER righteous to show everybody that I was sincerely converted.” (of course thoughts like this are why I’ll never be the prophet) haha

Or what about Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah?

People must have doubted. They seem like the type that would like to prove the doubters wrong.

A couple questions today because I know my examples were a stretch…

? Can you think of a scripture example that works better than these of someone who had a chip on his/her shoulder?
? Have you ever had a chip on your shoulder?

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