familysearch indexing.

31 10 2010

Grandma gave a great talk about Familysearch Indexing today in church.
Typically, anything related to genealogy is boring (personal opinion)

Grandma did a great job of showing that it is far from boring. For years I have watched Grandma set a great example of doing this important work – she was the perfect person to talk about this subject!

I’ve actually done indexing before.
Years ago, I had a Bishop who was adamant that the best prevention to getting involved in anything unruly on the Internet was to make the Internet feel like a spiritual place.

Wise man.
When you associate the Internet with things of a spiritual nature you view questionable material as being incredibly offensive.

I thought about that as I listened to the Bishopric challenge the entire ward to get involved with indexing. In fact, it has been turned into a competition. The young men vs. the young women and the Priesthood vs. the Relief Society. The groups with the highest number of names indexed win dinner from the losing group.

I hate losing.
So, it looks like it’s time to reactivate the old account and start getting some names done!

The ultimate goal is to obviously encourage the ward to participate in genealogy work – however, there are going to be some wonderful side effects that follow. I strongly believe that when we are able to associate certain media outlets with spiritual things that we will find an increased ability to turn away from questionable material.

“…neither can we without our dead be made perfect.” (D&C 128:15)

? Have you ever done any FamilySearch Indexing?


30 10 2010

I reconnected with two friends I haven’t spoken with in awhile and had similar experiences on both occasions.

I had to call the Utah Flash about some marketing and I look up the phone number on the web site and notice – Drew Sellers, Utah Flash President.

Two nights later I go to practice and I run into Josh Unice, Ensoul President.

Drew is my age.
Josh is younger.

Both run successful businesses.

I really enjoyed catching up with both of them. They are both great and very capable individuals.
I’m happy for both of them and glad they have found such tremendous success.

Both nights after catching up with these guys I laid in bed and thought about my career.
I have ben blessed with some wonderful experiences – BUT I want more.

I want SO much more.

“Thou shalt not covet…” (Exodus 20:17)
A little.

I don’t necessarily want their exact success – just something similar!

I laid there in bed and thought about everything I need to do and want to accomplish.

It was overwhelming.
VERY overwhelming.

? Do you ever get caught up thinking about wanting more than you have?


29 10 2010

I got a call during my bboy classes tonight from Leah’s mom – she called to relay a message from Leah.
Leah got locked out of her work office – with her keys and phone still in the office.

I was teaching down in Payson so she had to WAIT.

No phone.
No computer.
No one to talk with.

2 hours to just sit and think.

Sitting. Thinking. Sitting. Thinking.

When was the last time you took a couple hours to just sit and think or was completely unplugged from technology?

After I picked Leah up we started talking about what it’s like to be unplugged and left with just your thoughts.

Just your thoughts?
It’s fine for a little while… BUT after a few minutes, then what?

“Meditate upon these things…” (1 Timothy 4:15)

We are not meant to be plugged in all the time. The more time we spend watching movies or sitting online, or listening to music, the less time we have to be inspired.

? Do you find time to meditate?


28 10 2010

I picked up a copy of the latest Adobe Creative Suite this past week.
Adobe CS5.

I love Adobe.
They’ve got the whole creative thing figured out. The newest edition is incredible. If you ever want to do anything involving design or photo manipulation- Adobe is what you want to use!
Typically I use Photoshop and Illustrator.

BUT– this past week I decided I need to learn Dreamweaver.
I’m working on the company blog and I’ve never done any programming before -so it’s time learn Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is Adobe’s program for website creation.

I went to BYU’s IT online department and found a TON of training videos!
Exactly what I needed.

Have you ever looked at the coding that goes on in the background to make a website functional?
It’s a nightmare to look at if you have no clue. It looks like this:

Yeah, basically you need seer stones to understand that jibberish…

“And now he translated them by the means of those two stones which were fastened into the two rims of a bow.” (Mosiah 28:13)

? Have you ever tried coding before?


27 10 2010

I judged my first competition tonight.

Last month I won the “Life Elevated” competition at Muse Music.
This month I was a judge.

“it is given unto you to judge…” (Moroni 7:15)

It’s a small event in a small venue –
but it’s great for the bboy scene around here.

As I sat in the chair next to 2 bboy’s in the area that I have a lot of respect for I had a brief glimpse of what it feels like to “make it”.

In a group of my peers (filled with individuals I admire and respect) I was the given the opportunity to judge, to show that my opinion meant something.

It was a special experience.

? Have you ever felt respected by your peers within a certain subculture?

blood diamond.

26 10 2010

We had a wonderful FHE last night. We read from the scriptures, talked about patriarchal blessings and had some great discussion…

Oh, and we watched Blood Diamond.
Have you seen Blood Diamond?

Most likely not.
It’s rated Really good. haha

The movie is based on the conflict diamonds coming out of Sierra Leone.
It is a “Hotel Rawanda” type of movie. You know what I mean – the type of movie that can be life changing.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of South African diamond smuggler PERFECTLY. It just doesn’t get any better.

The movie leaves you with the distinct feeling that you need to immediately stop trying to accumulate more things and focus more on giving back – to anyone and everyone.

The movie depicts a nation torn apart by the diamond industry.
Kids wielding weapons, killing innocent people.
Sons killing fathers. Brothers killing brothers. Neighbors killing neighbors.
Starving kids.
Broken families.

I spent last week thinking about the iPad.
I went to bed last night thinking about how I can give back.

“And also, ye yourselves will asuccor those that stand in need of your succor; ye will administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer that the bbeggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turn him out to perish.” (Mosiah 4:16)

? What movies have had a strong impact on you?

honeymoon stage.

25 10 2010

Now that I’ve been married for a couple of months I’ve noticed a distinct shift in the questions people ask me.

As a fresh newlywed you get questions like this:
How was the honeymoon?
Have you finished moving in?
Did you get some good presents?

Now, I only get one question:
So, has the honeymoon stage ended?

Interesting question.
Typically the person asks with a slight smile – almost hopeful.
Hopeful that my answer will be yes.

So, has the honeymoon stage ended?
Yes- if you consider the honeymoon stage to be the period of time where our biggest concern was avoiding sunburn while at the beach.

That stage ended when we returned to Utah.

Do I love Leah any less?
Certainly not.
If it was possible I’d love to go back to worrying about sunburn and deciding what book to read on the beach.

But beaches and books don’t pay bills.

The honeymoon stage might be over – but that doesn’t mean the crazy in love stage has to end.

“Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest…” (Ecclesiastes 9:9)

? What do you think it means to be in the “honeymoon stage”

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