30 10 2010

I reconnected with two friends I haven’t spoken with in awhile and had similar experiences on both occasions.

I had to call the Utah Flash about some marketing and I look up the phone number on the web site and notice – Drew Sellers, Utah Flash President.

Two nights later I go to practice and I run into Josh Unice, Ensoul President.

Drew is my age.
Josh is younger.

Both run successful businesses.

I really enjoyed catching up with both of them. They are both great and very capable individuals.
I’m happy for both of them and glad they have found such tremendous success.

Both nights after catching up with these guys I laid in bed and thought about my career.
I have ben blessed with some wonderful experiences – BUT I want more.

I want SO much more.

“Thou shalt not covet…” (Exodus 20:17)
A little.

I don’t necessarily want their exact success – just something similar!

I laid there in bed and thought about everything I need to do and want to accomplish.

It was overwhelming.
VERY overwhelming.

? Do you ever get caught up thinking about wanting more than you have?




One response

30 10 2010

Heck yes! All the time!!! Ok not all the time but a couple times a year we have a discussion about what life would have been like had we not had a kid so early on. If we’d had a two income household for a few years and inevitably turn the discussion to how our focus would probably not be where it should be. We’d be much more material people – not that those who have two income households are but that we would have been – and would have missed out on a LOT of blessings. This weekend its wishing I had a few grand that wasn’t designated to anything and could be spent buying new doors and on lumber to build all kinds of furniture…but alas we’ll be responsible….

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