tis the season.

15 11 2010

I’ve heard Christmas music playing in stores since Halloween…
To be honest I created my Christmas playlist for my iPod in early October.

But it all feels a little more legit now that we’ve switched our work radio station from 40’s music to the Christmas station.

That 40’s music gets old after awhile.
Christmas music?
Never gets old. Ever.

This is easily my favorite time of the year.

How can you not be happy during Christmas?

The smell of evergreens.
Hot Chocolate.
Christmas Music.
Celebrating the (pretend) birth of the Savior. (He was born in Spring)
“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger…” (Luke 2:7)

The standard Christmas excitement will be even crazier this year because I work at a toy/candy store!

It’s like I’m working in the North Pole.

? What’s your favorite part about Christmas?


7 07 2010

Leah told me last night that we are now at 59 days till we get married. I guess that means today we are at 58.

I politely reminded her that I’d rather not be reminded of the number of days till we get married until we are in the single digits.

To me, 58, 78, 49, 84, 92 – they are all the same.
They all feel like FOREVER.

I prefer the single digit countdown. It feels more doable.

58 days till we get married.
I’m just not going to think about that.

Too bad it’s hard not to.

I feel like a kid looking forward to:
The weekend
The end of the school day. (It might as well be 2:50 and I’m just staring at the second hand slowly trace circles that seem to have no affect on the minute hand)

Somehow you just have to distract yourself and stay busy so that time seems to go by faster.

“…all is as one day with God, and time only is measured unto men.” (Alma 40:8)

Ugh. Time.
I need to stop measuring time.

? What do you do to help time “move faster” as you look forward to something?

memorial day.

31 05 2010

The downside of working retail?
Well, there’s a lot, but I’m only thinking of one right now.

National holidays are not recognized.

In fact holidays are usually busy times for retail stores.

So, my Memorial Day will not be spent by the pool – or at a BBQ. It will be spent closing up at the store.


Although, I did hit the driving range this morning with Kory – so I guess I can’t complain too much.

The word vacation cannot be found in the scriptures.
Too bad.

Can you imagine if Nephi and his family came over to the Promised land on a Carnival Cruise ship? (I can – and Laman and Lemuel are a lot nicer in my version)

What if Ammon got a day off to relax after protecting Lamoni’s sheep?

It seems like most of these guys end up working all the time.

Heavenly Father rested at the end of the week.

“and I rested on the seventh day from all my work…” (Moses 3:2)

But we all know Sunday doesn’t count as vacation – typically Sundays are just as busy as other days of the week.

I need to find a job that comes with some vacation days.

? Anybody have great Memorial Day plans?


27 03 2010

I’ve been going to the Holi celebration for about 5 years. Well, to be totally accurate I actually celebrated Holi while living in Singapore.

What is Holi?

Holi (aka Festival of Colors) It’s an Indian celebration. Basically everybody just throws a bunch of colors on each other.

I was back in Utah to celebrate it down in Spanish Fork at the Hare Krishna temple. Every year I have been the turnout has grown considerably. There were thousands of people there this year and things were crazier than ever.

People were being thrown and then sent crowd surfing. It was all fun and games till … you guessed it … somebody got hurt — bad. This girl was tossed up in the air but not caught. She hit the ground awkwardly and then got trampled for a couple minutes before people cleared out, the ambulance was brought in and she was carried out on a stretcher.

As we celebrated this awesome Indian holiday (which I feel we should adopt into our culture) I thought about the holidays people in the scriptures might have celebrated.

I searched ‘holiday’ in the topical guide and got — ‘holy day’.


Did all holidays start as holy days?

The only holiday/holy day I can think of is the Passover

“Now, the feast of the unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover.” (Luke 22:1)

Now we have dozens of holidays… (but I’m not complaining, I like the vacation time)

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