22 09 2010

Pride comes before the fall.
This is a popular phrase not just in the church – but in mainstream culture.

I remember hearing it as a kid and having it drilled into my mind that moment I began to get a little arrogant/prideful/complacent/uppity my world would come crashing down (unless I first chose to humble myself)

Have you read President Benson’s talk on pride?
Scary stuff.
Basically pride comes in forms you didn’t even think possible. (ultimately this makes all of us very guilty of pride in some way, shape or form)

“…but beware of pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old.” (D&C 38:39)
Nephites of old? Yeah, a FALLEN people.

I was reminded of my own struggles with the subject this morning.
We have an outside company that handles a lot of our “creative work”.
Graphic Designs.

They’re a touch pricey. So we were discussing the option of moving some of it in-house.
Great idea!

But who should do it?
Of course I volunteered. For some reason I just love volunteering for more projects at work. I was really excited about this one because i’ve always had a desire to really improve my skills in this realm.

I came home so excited and told my wife. She smiled and remarked that it is more challenging to do these things than I think. (she would know – she did graduate with a degree in a very similar field)

Of course I got immediately defensive and exclaimed that I would not only be able to accomplish the projects i just took on but that I would show her I could do just as good as anyone else. (even her)
Yes. Of course.

Leah is So patient with me that even after all of my babble about my “skills’ she even volunteered to help me out.
Can you guess my response?
If you guessed a resounding NO, then you are correct.

Yeah – somebody needs to just pop my head right now.
Well, don’t worry. I popped my own head this morning after I went into the store and took a bunch of pictures. (and wasn’t too thrilled on any of them)

I was wrong.
It is harder than I thought.
I will give credit and respect to those who have studied and worked hard to develop those talents.

However – having said that, there is no reason why I can’t LEARN how to do these things better. Obviously it is not a natural gift, but I will definitely now be putting in some extra time in order to develop these skills.

Maybe I’ll even ask my wife for some help…. (if the offer is still on the table)

? Have you ever thought you could do something and then failed?


16 09 2010

My life revolves around boxes at the moment.

Have you ever had a certain “thing” that just seemed to permeate all facets of your life?
Well, at this very moment I cannot seem to escape boxes.

And I’m not just talking about a box or two. I’m talking overwhelming, in your face, unescapable boxes.

At Blickenstaff’s our holiday order has begun to come in…
We’ve only gotten in several lines, but Frank (our loveable UPS guy) had to warn us about our shipment so that we could make room for it. We had about 150 boxes show up. The back room looks like this:

That picture captures only half of our Lego order. It’s ridiculous. I have a boxcutter permanently attached to my hand at the moment.

The boxes continue when I open my front door and see boxes, boxes and more boxes. Crockpots, waffle irons, popcorn makers etc. etc. It never ends.

Part of me is annoyed with all of the boxes – but the other more dominant part feels excited.

The boxes represent big changes.

At work they represent an incredible holiday shipment that will literally provide people a one-stop shopping outlet for the holidays.
At home they represent a new life. A fresh start with the love of my life.

It is crazy to think that less than a year ago the boxes I packed into my car as I moved home were practically a symbol of failure. I was broken and broke.

A little time can change anything.
“…for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” (Ecclesiastes 3:17)

? What “thing” has changed in meaning over the course of time to you?

dream job.

25 08 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?
Of course I have. Well, I do.
A lot.

I got home from work and went and saw Leah yesterday and we were talking about our days and the convo went something like this:

Leah: There is a lot to get done before we get married. I need to finish up this magazine so it can be sent to press.
Kyle: Yeah, I know. I had a long day too. I bought some sleds for the Christmas. Long day at the office. HAHAHA

This is a typical day for me.
I LOVE it.

My cousin Ty is the man. He has been teaching me everything I could ever hope to know about the buying processes and procedures. I couldn’t have asked for somebody better to learn from.

Today we did our Halloween orders. (If you live anywhere remotely close to the store you HAVE to come by for Halloween. The store is going to have some AMAZING stuff)

We are already doing the Christmas orders as well (hence, the sleds I bought the other day).

There is SO much stuff that needs to be done and I just love being at work. I go in early every day because I am EXCITED to get as much done as I possibly can. Yesterday I worked from about 7:45 AM – 10:00 PM. It was a LONG day but when I went to see Leah she remarked at how happy I seemed.

I just could not be happier right now about my current work situation.

It is amazing to see how your life can change in an instant. In May I was unemployed with no job prospects at all.
Now, I am working a job that beings me (and kids) a lot of happiness.

I’m like Santa, or maybe an elf – or maybe the Candyman.
Well, whatever it is, I love it.

It’s nice to have a job that puts bread on the table and is also enjoyable.

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground…” (Genesis 3:19)

? What’s your dream job?


9 08 2010


Yes, I’m talking to you. (all of you)

I come into contact every day with people who are way too STRESSED.
Life is hard, there’s lots to worry about and lots to do …. blah blah blah.

I know.
I’m not saying you should forget about everything that needs to be done –

BUT I’m definitely saying you need to prioritize.
If it’s not at the top of the list don’t freak out if it doesn’t get done.

We are not meant to do more than our bodies can handle.

When you work so hard that your body basically shuts down you have probably pushed it too far.
It’s not healthy.
We were not meant to experience life at that extreme.

Here is some helpful advice from a great movie:

“…men are, that they might have joy.” (2 Nephi 2:25)

If you work so hard and stress so much that you are sick – it’s probably time to cut back a little!
Enjoy life!
You deserve it!

I’ve mentioned this in other blog posts but the Prophet Joseph Smith counseled us to “unstring the bow“. A bow that is left strung constantly loses it’s elasticity and thus it’s ability to be used at it’s greatest potential.

A mind and body that are constantly strung lose their ability to be used at their greatest potential.

? What do you do to unstring your bow?


1 08 2010

*Ok first I’m going to make a quick plug for myself. Remember the video I posted for the Dr. Pepper dance contest? Well, if you’ve got a minute go make a comment on it! (Well, if you liked it – otherwise it’s probably better you just ignore this – haha) I need lots of comments!

I’ve got big news!

I’ve basically spent almost two years searching for an opportunity to work at a PR firm – or do anything PR related.
I desperately wanted to be involved with a firm somewhere, anywhere!

When I moved back to Utah I got in touch with Cheryl from Snapp Conner (a PR guru who started her own firm in the area!). After lots of pleasantly persistent emails and meetings we were able to work out an employment opportunity!

I was overjoyed, thrilled, ecstatic etc. etc.
This was what I wanted.

I went in to Blickenstaff’s and let them know about the offer and my potential departure.

After some discussion and some waiting to hear back from the men at the top a counteroffer of sorts was presented.

As the movie mobsters famously say, “it was an offer I couldn’t refuse“.

Yeah, you heard right – I walked away from my dream job!

BUT – I am going to have some very unique opportunities that I could NOT pass up with Blickenstaff’s.

Blickenstaff’s has thus far been successful and the fourth quarter will be a whirlwind of profit (prediction).
This is my opportunity to get in at the ground level of something amazing.
I am going to bust my butt harder than ever before to make sure that when this company takes off, I take off too!

They are going to teach me how to become a buyer – I’ve also been given tremendous autonomy in regards to PR and marketing.
At SchoolTipline (a start-up I worked for several years ago, I wrote some releases that got us national press and an overwhelming amount of leads)
I know if I put my head down and work like crazy that we will see similar if not better results!

I am so grateful to Cheryl at Snapp Conner for helping me and being so gracious and kind. Everything I have read or heard about her firm is extremely positive. In fact, if you are ever in need of an agency to represent you, Snapp Conner is my hands-down recommendation!

I am grateful to Blickenstaff’s for believing in me and giving me an opportunity I literally never dreamed of.

Now it’s time to get to work!

“Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will…” (D&C 58:27)

? What is your dream job?

not in the mood.

26 06 2010

I don’t ask for much around this place (Blickenstaff’s) …

Sooooo, when I do, part of me feels like I should get it. (That sounds bratty, I know)

I’m here, writing this at the front cash register while the USA world cup game is on and my boss is on her break!

The store is EMPTY. (Maybe others are watching the game – or maybe my silent prayer that business crashes today because I don’t get to watch the game was heard and answered)


Ok – so it’s not life or death – I’m being dramatic.

I’m just bummed that I gotta work during this 2 hour window.

I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since we won the last game. I requested my lunch break during this time frame the moment I knew the USA was playing. Now it looks as though there will be no lunch for me today.


It sucks when you look forward to something and then it’s taken away.

“That they may be disappointed also, and their hopes may be cut off…” (D&C 121:14)

Looking back at what I’ve just written I realize how petty it looks – but I don’t even care! Haha

? When was the last time you looked forward to something that didn’t come to pass?

easily pleased, never satisfied.

16 06 2010

My mission president, President Munday, had a saying he drilled into our heads:

The Lord is easily pleased – but NEVER satisfied.

I have never been able to get that quote out of my mind.

Originally he was speaking about our effort in the mission field. We always knew that the Lord was happy with the work that we were doing but that there was no room for complacency.

I now find myself applying this statement to EVERY aspect of my life.

The problem is that I often bypass the “easily pleased” part and go straight to “never satisfied”.

All I can do while I am at work is think of other jobs I can get or other ways to make money.

I feel like I’m not satisfied with ANY aspect of my life at the moment.

I want to do more spiritually.
I want to make be more established financially.
I want to continue to improve at dancing.
I want to read more.
Etc. etc. etc.

I wonder if it’s good to apply that quote to all aspects of life. Maybe it is – but only if you can correctly apply the “easily pleased” part.

“…I am well pleased with your offering and acknowledgments, which you have made; for unto this end have I raised you up, that I might show forth my wisdom through the weak things of the earth.” (D&C 124:1)

I know the Lord can be pleased with our work – even from the weakest of us. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize we should be pleased as well.

? How do you balance complacency with ambition?

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