21 07 2010

Today my grandparents celebrate their 55th anniversary!

55 years with the same person… Wow.

The United States divorce rate is hovering around 50% (

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder…” (Matthew 19:6)

If you can make it 55 years with someone you are an anomaly to the current system.
Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa Aldous!

I think about the phrase we use in the church, “eternal companion“.
For those of you who served missions, think about all of your companions. Did you have any that you could have spent forever with?

Probably not.

The mission is the ultimate testing ground for companion success (survival).
If you served and loved (eventually) your companions then you have developed skills VERY necessary for a successful marriage.

Eternal companion? Wow. What an amazing thought.

When I had dinner with Leahs parents in Arizona (remember the post-dinner interview) her dad expressed his concern that we hadn’t dated long enough. He said that it’s hard to marry someone you have only dated a couple months (long distance) and only been friends with before that.

I quickly made sure a distinction was established – Leah was not my friend. Leah was my best friend and that had been established LONG before we started dating.

Friends come and go – best friends are sticky. They don’t just leave when trouble hits, when frustration mounts, when times are hard, when you look terrible, when depression hits or when you feel like you can’t go on.

A BEST friend has been tried and tested. They were strong and they made you stronger in your moments of weakness.

Leah has done exactly that for several years now.
Thank-you – you met me at my craziest, darkest period of my life and you never stopped encouraging me.

Eternal companion?
Yeah, when your companion is your best friend, eternity doesn’t sound long enough.

Grandma and Grandpa Aldous congratulations on 55 years!
Someday I hope to be blessed with the opportunity to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

? What has helped you find longevity in your marriage (suggestions for me?)?




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21 07 2010

Sticking together. It is a lame answer but always making sure we’re not two people living in the same house.

A friend’s step son is visiting this week, he’s older 13 and her boys are hte same age as mine. So my boys and I had a long conversation about divorce and marriage. We talked about judges and strong families and what is necessary to keep a family strong so that divorce never happens. He made the comment that he wished he could just squish his friend’s family back together and that there never was such a thing was divorce. I agree with him. I wish it didn’t exist either. But our kids wanted a strong family before and now mercy they want it more than ever because at least Tyler understands what happens when you don’t work to keep your family strong through prayer, scriptures, family time, family work, more prayer, temple attendance, and more prayer, etc, etc….

21 07 2010

Friendship and humor! And unselfishness! Dallas and I celebrate 4 yrs tommorrow and we’re so excited!

22 07 2010

Happy Anniversary today!!!!! Hope you guys have an awesome day!!

22 07 2010

I love you 🙂

25 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Talk, Time, and Touch

You have to talk to your spouse about anything and everything. Trust me you won’t know everything about her and she won’t know everything about you. It will probably take the eternities and that’s ok.

Time you have to find time to do what she likes to do and she has to find time to do what you like to do. That will take time too. ha ha.

Touch…. I don’t think I have to explain this, but I’ll be brief. Hold hands, flirt, kiss, hug, caress, and well have sex.

The 3 T’s that’s something my Stake shared with the couples in the ward when I was back home and its something that has always stayed with me.

It will help.

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