early to bed…

20 07 2010

Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
(or so goes the well known counsel)

When I was young I fought to stay up as late as I could.
There is something appealing to doing the late night thing when you’re a teenager.

As a missionary you go to bed early.
After two years of repetitious training your body gets used to calling it a night at an earlier hour.

But when you return home you try and get back into the night owl thing.
It works for awhile and then it hits you.

I’m not sure what “it” is. But it hits. Suddenly you begin to think to yourself: Man, going to bed at 10 is actually really nice. (This is where I am at right now)
I LOVE the feeling when you wake up early after getting some solid sleep. It’s wonderful.

I laugh to myself when I drop Leah off at night and see people at beginning of the nights festivities.
I remember those days.
But I’m happy where I am at.

Does the sleeping schedule change for everyone?
Is it just a natural part of life?
I think so.

“sleep of a labouring man is sweet…” (Ecclesiastes 5:12)
Well, I do have a job now, so my sleep should be sweet : )

What’s the next step?

Well if my encounters with the High Priests have taught me anything over the years, it’s that sleeping in church and the temple is next : )

? What stage of sleep are you in?




7 responses

21 07 2010
Chelle Ethington

I had to laugh when I read this one – it is so obvious that you are not a parent yet!! Once babies come into your life you have no sleep pattern…you sleep when they sleep. But I do know what you mean about the shift and changes we all go through when it comes to sleep. Daryl and I were just commenting the other day about when we thought getting up at 6:00 was early – now we get up at 4:30 so we can be at the Fitness Center when it opens at 5:00 so we can work out and get home before he has to leave for work at 7:00!! Amazing how your perspective changes as your life changes. I have never been a night owl, always functioned much better in the morning, but this is getting ridiculous! I now understand why old people doze off and take afternoon naps.

21 07 2010

I’m at the stage where I’m ready to go to bed around 10 or 11 and actually go to bed around 1 or 2. Then wake up in the morning feeling like I want to sleep for 4 more hours and promise myself I will go to bed earlier, a promise I break w/o fail. It’s a fun stage…

21 07 2010
Sarah Lewis

My husband and I are in two different stages. A conversation we had lying in bed just recently went like this: Me: “It’s 11:15…I haven’t been to bed this early in years.” Casey: “It’s 11:15? I haven’t been to bed this LATE in years!” I usually go to bed around 1am…it’s my “me time”.

22 07 2010

hahahahaha!! I love it! I can just imagine having the same conversation with my wife!

21 07 2010

Oh yeah sleep evolves as life changes. I’ve always been a night owl. But reed is a morning person. He will go to bed early and get up early so after we got married I joined him in that for a while. I’m patterns change a lot but mostly from the times kids came along I had to do what was necessary to function for the kids. That usually means going to bed about 45 minutes ago….promise I’m about to log off…just need to finish the LXD eps. You just do what you gotta do.

25 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Sleep… my greatest enemy and friend.

I loved my mission because that’s the only time I felt that I slept well.

I remember being a kid and waking up super early just to watch cartoons before school. In high school I looked back at that and was like what an idiot I wasted so much sleep waking up so early!

After my mission being in College destroyed my sleep. Being married did the same thing, and having a little girl continues to do the same thing.

Though I’ve realized that when I actually get everything I need to get done during the day and plan out the day ahead of me I can sleep.

Listening to the Truman G. Madsen CDs I remember he mentions something about how Joseph Smith would sleep and could sleep at any moment of the day. Take a nap to get the energy he needed for later. The reason was he had a clear conscious… no sins plagued his mind. The ability to sleep is a gift from the Lord.

I remember in the scriptures that even the Savior slept well… so well in fact that a storm hit the ship him and the Apostles were on that he didn’t wake up until they called out to Him so he could calm the storm.

25 07 2010

I really like the example you used of the Savior sleeping on the boat. It makes me wonder if a truly pure soul can lead to better sleep! Nice example!

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