“R” means really good.

19 03 2011

I just got home from watching the Jimmer Show. (aka – BYU beating Gonzaga).

I want to watch a movie.
I flipped through my collection and here’s how my thought process went:

“I want to watch The Town.
It’s Rated R.
But I’ve watched plenty of Rated R movies and R usually means really good!
Yeah, but you haven’t watched one since you’ve been married.
Good point.
Yeah, but watching one won’t be so bad – plus Leah is out of town.
Also a good point.
Actually that’s not so good.
You’re now in charge of the Teachers quorum. You need to be better.
UGH! I hate when you’re right.”

Yes, as I sit here writing, I WANT to watch The Town. I really, really want to watch it.

BUT I cannot bring myself to do it.

I know, you are probably all split on your thoughts regarding whether “Rated R” movies are ok or not. I’m not judging either way. I have been on both sides. It just so happens that right now I’m in the “I wouldn’t feel good about watching an R-rated movie” phase. Even though I want to.


It sounds terrible, I know.
Probably pretty lame as well.

Have you ever wanted to do something you didn’t feel good about?

“Our prophet teaches that if we decide now not to watch inappropriate media but instead to walk away, “the challenge is behind us.” (David E. Sorensen, May Ensign 2001)

? What are your thoughts on the whole Rated R movie thing?


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