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29 01 2011

I am CONSTANTLY looking at blogs.
I love finding unique writing styles and designs. It is interesting to see what is popular right now and the trends occurring in the blogosphere.

Lately I have also been on the hunt for prominent bloggers in Utah who are willing to come do a review of the store. (in fact if any of you around here would like to do a review of the store, let me know and I’ll open it up just for you and your friends)

I got in touch with Amy Huntley (The Idea Room).
About Amy:
“I started blogging on a family blog in April of 2008. I began to put more and more of my “ideas” on my family blog to share with others. But I began to fill up my family blog with ideas that I didn’t necessarily want in my family “journal”. So The Idea Room slowly came into existence in Jan/Feb. of 2009.” (Taken from her About page)

I’ve only been following her blog for a couple months now but man it is cute.
I’m not an over the top crafter like some, but I can appreciate legit projects.

Rainbow pancakes!

“I do set my bow in the cloud…” (Genesis 9:13)
*Yes, I found a rainbow reference in the scriptures!

My morning improved drastically after seeing pictures of these this past week.

I got in touch with Amy and invited her entire family to come in and check out our store a couple weeks ago! I opened up early so they could enjoy it without worrying about other customers. I have always loved watching kids come in and just go crazy playing with all of our toys! It’s what the store was meant for!

Yesterday Blickenstaff’s was featured on her blog! It was a lovely post (see here) and less than 24 hours later there were over 200 comments!!!!

Amy knows what she’s doing and has built a solid community through her blog. If you haven’t subscribed yet, go do it.
No, but seriously, right now!
If you have ever done any kind of craft and even remotely liked the process, you will LOVE her blog!

Thanks for inspiring me in my blogging pursuits Amy!

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