i was tricked. it was emily!

15 03 2011

The madness has ended. (no, not March Madness – that’s just beginning!)
The Bachelor ended last night.

A couple months ago we had a woman in the store who claimed to be best friends with Michelle (the witch) and she told me that Chantelle won.

For several months I have been holding this great *truth* over my wife’s head as if I had been granted access to confidential information. I blogged several times about knowing who the winner was.

She got me. The season went almost exactly as the lady told me it would – until Brad chose Emily.

Sorry everyone!
But, we all loved Emily, right?
So it’s probably better this way.

Or is it?

During a work training meeting this morning the employees had some interesting opinions about the finale.
Emily has a temper!
Emily is different than the character she portrayed on the show!
Brad has a temper!
Brad chose Emily because Chantel wasn’t as skinny!

Oh the drama! I LOVE it.

I’m still convinced no one will find love on a TV show where sincerity doesn’t seem truly possible.
But maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe Brad really believed if he could have 30 beautiful women throw themselves at him physically, emotionally and every other which way that one of them would be the “one”.
Maybe Brad has found true love.
“and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel.” (Genesis 34:3)

? Thoughts on the finale and the end result?

i know who wins the bachelor.

19 01 2011

Spoiler Alert!
I know who wins the current season of The Bachelor.

A woman came into the store last week and dished out some great stuff.
Her best friend is one of the women on the show this season vying for the attention of 2nd time Bachelor, Brad Womack.

The Bachelor

My wife loves this show.
I’ve watched it a couple times and just haven’t been able to get into it.
I know, I know – I typically love shows filled with drama and this show doesn’t fall short in that category.
A bunch of catty women backstabbing, rumor-mongering and slutting it up. It sounds like the perfect combination.

It’s not bad. (don’t judge me)
But I would rather sit down and watch The OC, Glee or some other teen angst filled drama. I prefer to watch shows I know are completely scripted as opposed to pseudo-reality shows where the producers step in along the way and ask certain people to up the drama.

But it’s been awesome knowing the winner and knowing some of the dirt behind the show.

I still haven’t told Leah who wins. I won’t ruin it for her.
If you’re a fan and want the spoiler then send me a message and I’ll fill you in.

I find it hard to believe that every single person on the show is there because they haven’t found love yet and are sincerely seeking to find their soulmate (while cameras track their every move).

Your goal is to seduce a man (who knows he basically gets to hook up with dozens of hot girls on TV) and prove to him you are meant to be.

Your love story will look something like this:
Arrived on show wearing hottest dress possible.
Tried to be memorable by slapping Brad in the face.
Told the cameras your great sob story and made sure to really play it up to Brad.
Made sure the cameras got a good look at bikini body.
Kissed him (after 8 other girls already kissed him)
Worked out some kind of secret combination to get other girls booted off.
Claimed to be in love after 6 weeks of fierce female competition.

Shame on me for my cynicism.
That does sound like the standard true love story.

Brad is the only winner here.
This is his 2nd time around doing this. He basically hangs out with a bunch of girls who want to “win” him. The first season he decided he didn’t want any of the girls.
Well played Brad. Well played.

This time he chose someone.
Good luck with ______________ . I’m sure you’ll be very happy with her!
(if not, you can always hold out hope for being brought back for a 3rd season)

I’m so lucky to have a great love story. I met Leah back in 2007 and she has been my best friend for years. And now? Well, now I get to spend forever with my best friend. Pretty sweet deal!
“Husbands, love your wives…” (Ephesians 5:25)

? How have you likened the scriptures to your life?

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