because you’re the dad.

5 12 2010

Leah wanted to watch “How I Met Your Mother” tonight and after a couple episodes, something went wrong with the computer….

She asked me to fix it and when I couldn’t she said I should be able to –

because you’re the dad…”

Oh man.
It’s true.

Dad’s are supposed to be able to fix… EVERYTHING.

My dad could do anything.
And if he couldn’t, he sure did a good job of making it look like he could.

I’m not a dad yet, so I’ve still got some time to learn a little bit more.
“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father…” (Mathew 5:48)

I’ll start the learning journey here:

? What’s something your dad helped you out with?

pleasant reminder.

27 08 2010

A couple months ago I got a call from a woman who runs a dance studio down in Payson. She got my name from somebody as a recommendation for breakdance teacher.

I LOVE teaching.
But – Payson is about 15 minutes south and I am already scheduled to teach at Center Stage this Fall. I’m not sure Leah is a big fan of me spreading myself thin on dance each evening. But she is SO supportive of me dancing. (Especially, when it pays!)

I took the offer and tonight was my first night.

You never know what you’re dealing with until you get to your first class and you feel out the talent level and more importantly the dedication of the kids.

I imagine most teachers feel like this:

“And as many as would hear his word he did teach…” (Mosiah 18:3)

Personally, as long as someone is willing to listen, I’m MORE than happy to teach. Things get sticky when you have a class that is not interested or unwilling to even try to learn the subject. It’s not a hopeless situation – just a little trickier.

I’ve never had an entire class of kids who were immediately receptive, attentive and willing to work hard….
Until now.

The young and older boys classes were incredible.
They picked up things quickly and were hungry to learn more.

If you have ever taught anything before – you know what a joy it is to teach individuals who are willing to learn and who graso the subject matter quickly and correctly.

I am grateful for the reminder this evening of how special teaching can be.

? What is your best teaching experience?

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