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13 01 2011

I recently designed a candy sign for the store…
It has a list of candy that we carry organized according to the decade it was created.

Designing the sign? Easy.
The hard part? Hanging the sign.

My cousin Ty asked me to hang the sign.

I got it hung.
I can piece things together – but I’m no good with making that kind of stuff look professional.

I wish I was.

Speaking of becoming good at “hands on” skills – my cousin Ty signed up for a beginners automotive class this morning.

GREAT idea!
I can tell you how create a social media campaign BUT I can’t change the oil in my car.

Ty and I started talking about all of the things it would be helpful to know.
Changing the oil.
Etc. etc.

There was a really long list…
Neither of us have seen any kind of general home maintenance classes.
That’s a real shame.

We need those classes.
I need those classes!

“he sent Shaphan the son of Azaliah, and Maaseiah the governor of the city, and Joah the son of Joahaz the recorder, to repair the house of the Lord his God.” (2 Chronicles 34:8)

? What’s the best piece of home maintenance knowledge you have?


16 09 2010

My life revolves around boxes at the moment.

Have you ever had a certain “thing” that just seemed to permeate all facets of your life?
Well, at this very moment I cannot seem to escape boxes.

And I’m not just talking about a box or two. I’m talking overwhelming, in your face, unescapable boxes.

At Blickenstaff’s our holiday order has begun to come in…
We’ve only gotten in several lines, but Frank (our loveable UPS guy) had to warn us about our shipment so that we could make room for it. We had about 150 boxes show up. The back room looks like this:

That picture captures only half of our Lego order. It’s ridiculous. I have a boxcutter permanently attached to my hand at the moment.

The boxes continue when I open my front door and see boxes, boxes and more boxes. Crockpots, waffle irons, popcorn makers etc. etc. It never ends.

Part of me is annoyed with all of the boxes – but the other more dominant part feels excited.

The boxes represent big changes.

At work they represent an incredible holiday shipment that will literally provide people a one-stop shopping outlet for the holidays.
At home they represent a new life. A fresh start with the love of my life.

It is crazy to think that less than a year ago the boxes I packed into my car as I moved home were practically a symbol of failure. I was broken and broke.

A little time can change anything.
“…for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” (Ecclesiastes 3:17)

? What “thing” has changed in meaning over the course of time to you?

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