26 05 2010

Do you remember your dreams?
I do.

I dream most nights – and if I dream I typically remember them the next morning.

I’m not sure if my dreams mean anything – I’m gonna say, probably not!

But I had 3 dreams last night and I will share them with you from least favorite to most;

3. I was at graduate school and talking with a counselor. I told the counselor that I wanted to become more involved with digital media and she signed me up for a digital photography course. (maybe I should try and make this one come true)

2. I was back in my backyard in Texas. The pool was filled with a great white shark and it would come up to the edge of the pool and I would hit it with a stick. Then I jumped in the pool and had to outswim the shark (which of course I did)

1. I met up with Justin Timberlake. I was in his closet (which looked like a store) We were hanging out and laughing and then I said I liked his sweater and he just took it off and gave it to me. Then my friends Clara and Katie showed up and we all just hung out.

Yeah – the JT dream, pretty much awesome. It was like we were friends just chillin. Dang. That would be so awesome.

So, do the dreams mean anything?

Probably not.

And I probably shouldn’t read into my dreams too much.

“…neither hearken to your bdreams which ye cause to be dreamed.” (Jeremiah 29:8)

? What was your last dream?

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