we are ALL broke.

30 03 2011

Ok, so we aren’t all individually broke….. but as a collective unit, yep, we’re broke.

As I was perusing Facebook I came across an article posted up by my friend Angela, called Going Broke. The article does a fantastic job of putting the national debt in terms easily understood.

Check it out:

“Imagine that you had an average monthly income of about $170 balanced against average monthly expenses of about $940–and that you were more than $14,000 in debt.
Then imagine that as of today, you had only $58.60 in cash left in your bank account and $130.50 left on your line of credit.
Now multiply these numbers by 1 billion and you will have the up-to-date financial situation of the U.S. government.”

Whoa. I’ve heard all kinds of commentary on the national debt, but this one was easily understood and really hits home. I wish I knew more about how it all accumulated and when we really started piling it on.

I hate debt. It feels terrible. I can only imagine what it would feel like to be in charge of a country that is ridiculously in debt.
“Pay the debt thou hast contracted… release thyself from bondage.” (D&C 19:35)

I have no suggestions on how to fix our INSANE amount of debt, but we definitely need to get something worked out. One thing I know for sure is that Mitt Romney saved the SLC Winter Olympics from financial ruin. Maybe, just maybe, Romney could knock off a chunk of our debt…

? Suggestions for eradicating the national debt? (Haha – if it’s a good one, you should probably take it to the top)


first step.

4 10 2010

This is a picture of an envelope.
Inside is a check.

It’s not just any check though – this check represents the first step towards being completely debt-free.
I am so excited about this that I took a picture of the envelope and am now spending my lunch break writing about it.

Leah has some student loans that we will get taken care of and I have my car and some outstanding debt to my parents.
This check is being sent to my parents!

The first of many checks to come.
I’m excited. So excited.

I can’t wait to be debt free.
I hate having things hanging over my head.
It sucks.

“…behold it is my will that you shall pay all your debts.” (D&C 104:78)

Time to get finances in line…

? Are you debt-free, or not – and what tips do you have for avoiding debt?

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