a new season.

26 09 2010

Yes, Fall is rapidly approaching – but that’s not what I’m referring to.
The new seasons of all of our favorite shows are back!

I rarely watch TV shows…. on TV during their allocated time – and we are too poor for DVR/TiVo.

This leaves me 2 options: illegal downloading or Hulu!
Thank-you Hulu for allowing my wife and I to enjoy all the new episodes of our favorite shows while we ate dinner last night and breakfast this morning.

Here’s our top shows at the moment… in a very particular order!

1. Modern Family
2. Community
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. The Office
5. Glee (Glee is number 5 because I have yet to see it still – so it’s bottom tier)

Leah and I noticed something interesting as we watched Modern Family, an ABC show.
In case you haven’t seen Modern Family I’ll give you a readers digest version of the show.

It’s a show about 3 families (all related) and all of the quirky situations that come along with a family in today’s world. (Yeah, I know, it’s a very brief synopsis – go watch the show if you want more)

The brother/son is gay and lives with his boyfriend and their adopted Vietnamese baby. In season 1 they never show the gay couple being affectionate. Not once. It was something we all noticed in season and found interesting.

First episode of season 2 they show the brother (Mitchell) kiss his boyfriends head and briefly hold hands.

Leah and I were talking about how it seems like they’re trying to ease us into gay PDA. (public display of affection)

As I thought about it, it reminded me of this scripture:

“And it came to pass that Amalickiah caused that one of his servants should administer poison by degrees to Lehonti, that he died.” (Alma 47:18)

It’s interesting that often we are lulled along with little things until suddenly we realize we have become desensitized to the big picture.
Just look at what is acceptable on TV now, and what was acceptable on TV forty years ago.
Times have changed a little – but it didn’t happen overnight.

? What’s your favorite show on TV right now?

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