powerful women.

26 03 2011

This morning was the first Utah Blogger Meetup organized by Sweet Life in the Valley and hosted by Blickenstaff’s. I’m ALL about social media. I knew Blickenstaff’s would benefit from getting as involved as possible in various online communities since the store opened last May.

The event was a big success. We had about 30 women show up. It was interesting to talk with them about the various topics they blog about and how they got their start. Some women were veterans of the blogosphere, starting their blog years ago, while others were relatively new to the game.

One thing linked each of these women.
Drive. Determination. An eye for success.
Some of these women have accrued thousands of followers.

Check out LoveStitched, Sweet Life in the Valley or Oh Sweet Basil.

I’m still relatively new to this community of women. I am continually meeting and making new blogging friends and with each new blog I follow I find out there is so much more to learn. I feel like I am playing catch up! (but I’m falling further behind).

When these women speak, people listen. Not just local women, or LDS women, or Utah women. Women worldwide follow these blogs. They learn from them, follow their lives and cash in on their great giveaways!

Word travels so quickly with our technology. If only they had been able to capitalize on blogs centuries ago – Mary could’ve just blogged about it…
“And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead…” (Matthew 28:7)
Just kidding. Some things are better done in person.

Meeting all of these wonderful ladies this morning has only fueled my desire to become better at this whole blogging thing!

? I’m curious to know what you like/don’t like about things right now. What would you like to see more of or less of? Suggestions, comments, criticisms, advice?




One response

27 03 2011

I know what you mean about wanting to become better. There are so many powerful influences around us. I am new to the blogging scene, too…and loving it!! By the way..see your love for dance is all around us, too 🙂

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