the newest aldous.

22 03 2011

Well, it finally happened. We added a new member to the family Monday night…
Apple! Our new pet bunny! haha We named him Apple because, right now I really want an iPad and I think I only have Apple on my mind! haha

It’s only day 2, but I’ve decided that a bunny is a ridiculously easy pet to take care of. He doesn’t eat much food and doesn’t need a lot of space. It’s awesome!

Welcome Apple!

This is the first pet I’ve really ever had. My family had six kids and I think my parents were busy enough with all of us!

“And they also had horses, and asses, and there were elephants and cureloms and cumoms; all of which were useful unto man, and more especially the elephants and cureloms and cumoms.” (Ether 9:19)

I wonder if they kept some of these as pets? haha

? Have you ever had a pet before?




4 responses

23 03 2011

haha! Love the bunny! Wish we could bring Addison over to play with Apple!

23 03 2011

oh man! she would love apple!!! We will bring Apple down to the ranch!!

23 03 2011

I like that your bunny has the same name as Gwyneth Paltrow’s child. Cute bunny, cute little family!

23 03 2011

Thanks!! Yeah, we just thought about that the other day… I’m not so sure about naming a kid Apple, but a bunny – it works. hahaha

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