“R” means really good.

19 03 2011

I just got home from watching the Jimmer Show. (aka – BYU beating Gonzaga).

I want to watch a movie.
I flipped through my collection and here’s how my thought process went:

“I want to watch The Town.
It’s Rated R.
But I’ve watched plenty of Rated R movies and R usually means really good!
Yeah, but you haven’t watched one since you’ve been married.
Good point.
Yeah, but watching one won’t be so bad – plus Leah is out of town.
Also a good point.
Actually that’s not so good.
You’re now in charge of the Teachers quorum. You need to be better.
UGH! I hate when you’re right.”

Yes, as I sit here writing, I WANT to watch The Town. I really, really want to watch it.

BUT I cannot bring myself to do it.

I know, you are probably all split on your thoughts regarding whether “Rated R” movies are ok or not. I’m not judging either way. I have been on both sides. It just so happens that right now I’m in the “I wouldn’t feel good about watching an R-rated movie” phase. Even though I want to.


It sounds terrible, I know.
Probably pretty lame as well.

Have you ever wanted to do something you didn’t feel good about?

“Our prophet teaches that if we decide now not to watch inappropriate media but instead to walk away, “the challenge is behind us.” (David E. Sorensen, May Ensign 2001)

? What are your thoughts on the whole Rated R movie thing?



13 responses

19 03 2011
Brandon Ethington

I have seen my share of them, and the one that I really want to watch it Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. I do not judge either way either, but for me and my house we wont watch anything R and pg-13 is often questionable. this happens with age and maturity. for me the problem is that the prophets have said no R rated movies, however that really only goes for the USA. in Canada the same movie might not be R, so you have to look at the content of the movie and remember that that wonderful supercomputer God gave you called your brain will retain everything you see and hear, and do you want to be recalling stuff from what you saw and or heard in a time and place that you need to the spirit.

In the end you must do what you think is correct.

I took a film class in school and the teacher was going to require me to watch R rated movies. I had to take it all the way to the dean because the teacher wouldn’t budge, luckily all I had to do was mention religion and he jumped to correct the problem, which was me dropping the class and getting a refund.

We all must take stands and we all must decide what fights we fight, for me the school one was a fight I was fighting because I wasn’t going to let someone decide for me what was going in my supercomputer, especially not filth.

I think a good rule of thumb for families, or spouses, would be can I read, listen to or watch the program with the other person in the room, if you can’t then you shouldn’t if you can than it is possibly OK, but still needs checks and balances.

I figured this out after I was married too.

20 03 2011

It’s interesting to see the things we figure out after we get married. Or I guess the better way to put it is that we figure out what’s most important and begin to see a greater need to be more obedient.
I like the supercomputer example. I wish there were things I could take off this old hard drive! haha But like you said, we can control from here on out what we allow in.

20 03 2011
Untypically Jia

Okay, I’m terrible but I totally watch them. I have no excuses and frankly very few opinions about whether or not I should. I go through periods where I toss our collection (to my husbands annoyance) and then like 3 months later something new will come out and we’ll just buy everything back.

Should I not watch Rated R movies? Probably, prophet says so.
Do I find that they change my demeanor? Not really, I have a problem with cursing (always have) and I still talk the same way, think the same way Rated R, G or whatnot.

I think of movies the same way I think of music and art. Another form of expression. And despite it’s rating, The Town is (expletive deleted, lol) amazing!

But it’s Rated R for a reason!

20 03 2011

Haha! I’ve done the exact same thing! Luckily most of my videos are in a digital format, so it’s not too difficult to get them back! haha

20 03 2011
Angela stone

There are totally R rated movies I think would be great but I’ve just about always been anti. One was on in high school and I didn’t say anything to turn it off and watched it. I totally regretted that my only R rated movie was Theres something about Mary….GAG! It was stupid and gross.

Anyway though, I totally want to give you props for your choice. If my husband and I had an agreement about movies, even if he was new to it, and when I went out of town he watched an R rated one I’d be MAD/sad/disappointed. I think its great that you see your place as a leader to the teachers another reason not to watch them.

I’m anti them b/c yes we hear that language in life depending on where we live but we don’t need to invite it in. Yes we have sex with our spouse, generally, but we don’t need to watch other people doing it. Yes we see people in immodest clothing but we don’t need to invite it in. Yes battles are real but do we really need the gore and guts and gushing blood? it is hard enough for soldiers in battle or victims/witnesses of crimes.

You say: “Our prophet teaches that if we decide now not to watch inappropriate media but instead to walk away, “the challenge is behind us.” (David E. Sorensen, May Ensign 2001)

The challenge can totally be behind you. I’ve found since I’ve removed certain media from my life my thoughts of cleared and the temptation to swear is gone (I’ve struggled with it on and off) and my dreams are better. But regardless make a decision and stick to it. If you don’t want your teens watching R rated movies you need to have a long standing testimony about it.

Sorry to go on and on but you’re making the right choice.

20 03 2011

Your last comment really rings home with me. I’ve found it easier to not swear and to keep my my thoughts in abetter place since I’ve stopped watching those types of movies.
And you’re totally right about raising teenagers. (not that I would know at the moment) But it would be really hard to ask them to do something I can’t even do.

20 03 2011
Angela stone

My dad was a hippie before joining the church in many ways. He completely and totally turned his life around and didn’t look back. He was careful not to share details of his sins or be specific about what he did before joining the church b/c he didn’t want it held against him. That wasn’t who he’d been for 20-35 years now. He was always consistent in his behavior and we could count on it. It is interesting how much changes after marriage when you’re priorities begin to change. What you choose to do now will determine what is to come.

20 03 2011

Funny how life turns out, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only weird one. However our decision came after our daughter did. My husband almost has a hobby of collecting movies it seems as though if it’s out we had it. Well when our daughter was born I no longer had the desire to watch them so I boxed them up. And sadly enough it seems as though half or possibly more then half ended up being placed in a boxes.

I think it’s great that you and Leah made the decision when you got married. I also think it’s funny how things that are life changing like getting married or having a baby often change your view, and seem to help you keep a higher standard.

21 03 2011

Oh man, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when I have a kid… I already feel like there is so much I need to work on and change. A kid is only going to make that feeling even stronger! hahaha

21 03 2011

I guess it depends on whether you want to follow the commandments with exactness or just rationalize your way through life. Blessings are predicated on obedience.

21 03 2011

Exactly – I feel like I am ALWAYS in need of blessings and help and I can’t go ask for help if I’m not trying to do everything I can….

But man, I sure know how to rationalize! haha – I’m having to work double time to try kick that habit… haha

21 03 2011
Karen Peterson

I’m choosy about movies and do pay attention to the ratings. For example, I won’t watch anything with Jim Carrey if it’s rated R because I know it’s going to be awful. Same thing with certain directors.

The Town was a good film, but definitely deserving of that R rating and if you’re particularly trying to avoid R-rated films, you’ll probably feel VERY uncomfortable watching it.

21 03 2011

My mom is exactly the same way -she is not a big Jim Carrey fan! haha

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