i was tricked. it was emily!

15 03 2011

The madness has ended. (no, not March Madness – that’s just beginning!)
The Bachelor ended last night.

A couple months ago we had a woman in the store who claimed to be best friends with Michelle (the witch) and she told me that Chantelle won.

For several months I have been holding this great *truth* over my wife’s head as if I had been granted access to confidential information. I blogged several times about knowing who the winner was.

She got me. The season went almost exactly as the lady told me it would – until Brad chose Emily.

Sorry everyone!
But, we all loved Emily, right?
So it’s probably better this way.

Or is it?

During a work training meeting this morning the employees had some interesting opinions about the finale.
Emily has a temper!
Emily is different than the character she portrayed on the show!
Brad has a temper!
Brad chose Emily because Chantel wasn’t as skinny!

Oh the drama! I LOVE it.

I’m still convinced no one will find love on a TV show where sincerity doesn’t seem truly possible.
But maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe Brad really believed if he could have 30 beautiful women throw themselves at him physically, emotionally and every other which way that one of them would be the “one”.
Maybe Brad has found true love.
“and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel.” (Genesis 34:3)

? Thoughts on the finale and the end result?




5 responses

15 03 2011

Kyle, lets not pretend that Brad could have found the “one” because we all know it was Chantel. And as far as the “opinions” these fellow employees had, they were facts, not opinions. Haha!

15 03 2011

that comment was from me but you left your nam signed in at work. Sorry! haha

15 03 2011

hahahaha! that’s awesome! I commented on my own post! haha Yes, of course, “facts”! haha

16 03 2011

Here’s a fact they didn’t mention mostly cause they probably didn’t know but brad brought Emily’s dad out there so he could ask for her hand. Fake or not her dad got a good trip.

16 03 2011

No way! That is a nice little fact! Very southern gentleman of him to do that!

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