if ye are prepared.

13 03 2011

With about 10 minutes left in Sunday School, I got a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw an expression I remember from my mission.


The type of panic that comes when the regularly scheduled teacher is nowhere to be found and a substitute has not yet been found.

This happened several times on my mission. A couple times a teacher couldn’t be found so we would fill in. Once a speaker didn’t show up, so I filled in. As a missionary, filling in on Sunday was easy. We spent all week teaching and even more importantly a couple hours a day studying.

Elder Holland said that the 2 hours spent in study each day would be the most important 2 hours of the day.

Without study, we would not be able to teach. We would have no foundation.

Nothing has changed.
The time we spend studying the scriptures is crucial to our ability to teach on the go.
You might not be asked to teach Sunday School with 10 minutes to prepare, but it’s quite possible someone will ask you a question about your beliefs and you will have the opportunity to teach.

Have you invested enough time in preparing your foundation?

Each of us needs to take a little time each day to strengthen our testimony as well as our knowledge of the Gospel.

I always admired my Dad growing up. I remember going downstairs early in the morning before seminary and he would be sitting at the table with his scriptures and his Franklin Covey planner. He was constantly preparing himself. My mom has taught seminary for as long as I can remember and she spent hours preparing her lessons each day.

They spent so much time in preparation.
This blog is meant to help me keep the scriptures involved in my everyday life.

“but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” (D&C 38:30)

? Have you ever had to speak/teach with no time to prepare?




2 responses

21 03 2011

Excellent point! While I always start my day with scripture reading I have felt something missing. I don’t know if I can add another hour in but will start studying in the middle of the day should my family bless me with the time to do so. I am often asked to fill in for missed teachers or speakers. I do study for my lesson’s but don’t count that as my scripture study. Already up at 4AM and go strong until 9 to 10 PM so just have to find a place to squeeze more into my day!

21 03 2011

Wow!! You are a supermom!!!

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