church ball.

12 03 2011

Jimmer lit up New Mexico last night with 52 points.

This morning it was my turn.

It was the 2nd round of the Elder’s Quorum basketball tournament and time for domination.

Too bad we the ones dominated.
Oh man.
It got ugly.

We played a team of giants. Wow.

I took basketball class at BYU a few years ago with my best friend Brandon.
I’m pretty sure coach thought we were hopeless.
Brandon and I would just shoot from anywhere on the court and yell out, “Good” right as we shot the ball.

Not much has changed since my days on the court with Brandon.
I’m not sure much has changed for him either. Hahaha

I haven’t played church ball in years, actually it might have been when I was in young mens. This was the most mild-mannered game I have ever played in.
The game was missing all of the standard elements of a typical church ball game.
Unintentional swearing.
Intentional swearing.
Physical violence.
Guy who is trying to relive his “glory” days.
Guy who doesn’t actually want to be there.
Overly sweaty guy who no one wants to guard.

I hate losing, so this morning wasn’t much fun.
Hopefully Jimmer doesn’t play like we did this morning or BYU doesn’t stand a chance tonight.

Looks like I need to have my brother Kory help me get ready for next season. Haha
A little off season training and preparation might go a long way next season – but probably not.
“And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel…” (Ephesians 6:15)

? What experiences have you had with church ball?



2 responses

12 03 2011
Anthony Ambriz

You might not know this about me but I can handle the rock!

In High School all I did was play basketball, our team made it to the finals in Church Ball but lost over a technicality. Our coach abandoned us and the team we faced was an all-star team. (Wards trying to cheat the system). I also took the class at BYU which was fun!

So if you ever want to get together and Ball let me know. I also played a lot of soccer/futbol and I enjoy a good game of Ultimate

12 03 2011

Really? That’s sick man!! I’m totally down – as it gets warmer I’d love to get together and play some soccer. Man, I LOVE playing soccer!!

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