brandon davies scandal day 2.

2 03 2011

Ok, we’ve had about 24 hours to listen to everybody’s opinion on how devastating the loss of Brandon Davies is to the Cougars.

The most impressive thing that’s come out of this loss?
A video clip of Chris Broussard and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s, 1st and 10.

I’ve perused the comments section on the article posted on ESPN about the suspension.
Last I checked there was over 3000 comments on the article.

The comments run the gamut:

Super Positive: “I wish Brandon and his family all the best in the future, because I can only imagine how hard this has to be on them. Basketball pales in comparison to the truly important things in life, and I hope that Brandon is able to use whatever happened as a learning experience.”

Super Negative:Provo was the creepiest place I have ever been. The bad, negative energy and vibes there are palpable. And with the history of racism in the moron church, It boggles my mind that any black people have ever played there, and that a white person who is not a racist would play there.”

I’ve only read a handful of the comments (if you consider a handful to be somewhere around 800) and there is some serious trash on the boards. It is interesting how the tone of the message board has at certain points turned into a full-on assault on the LDS church.

People jump on the opportunity to point the finger and mock.

Let’s go back to the video I mentioned earlier.
The reason the video caught my eye was because it is interesting that the “higher ups” in the industry – those with jobs in as sports analysts (not some joe basketball sitting on a couch) seem to applaud not only the suspension but the Honor Code as a whole.

“I like it that while most programs on their level will sell their soul to win games, they’re saying there are certain things more important than a game, we’re trying to teach you to be a man.” (Chris Broussard)

“Most people seem prone to scoff at BYU’s standards… I don’t think they’re so unrealistic that you can’t win a championship.” (Skip Bayless)

When you go to BYU you KNOW what you are getting yourself into.
You KNOW the code you’re signing, in fact you are reminded of the code each year as you are asked to resign it.

There are plenty of items in the Honor Code I could sit and argue about with you.
Top of my list is the dress and grooming standards. I was never a big fan of shaving or cutting my hair.
HOWEVER, no one forced me to go to BYU.
I chose to go there.
The Honor Code is a VERY integral part of the school.

I am still just as disappointed as everyone else about Davies. It is a big blow to the team.

BUT I do not believe it is insurmountable.
This is one of those moments in life where adversity provides opportunity.
There is someone else (or multiple people) on that team that will now play a bigger role. This is an opportunity for a very, very good team to demonstrate character, desire and heart.

You might not be a big fan of former coach Bob Knight, but even he believes that this setback is NOT a deathblow.
We’ll see BYU play just as well as they have been playing…. that’s the kind of thing that will be a rallying point for the BYU team…. I think that BYU will move right on without a hitch whatsoever.” (Bob Knight)

There is still hope.
I’m not giving up on the team.

In fact without our big man and with the obvious possibility of starting a smaller team, I think we’re going to see BYU run the floor harder and faster than we’ve seen before (if that’s even possible).

Oh and a side note to all of the haters on the boards.
Stick to commenting on basketball. There is no need for the religious vitriol.

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers…” (2 Peter 3:3)
I guess we were bound to get some hate…

? Thoughts on the Honor Code and this whole Davies situation?




6 responses

2 03 2011
Angela stone

I Liked this clip and dont’ know anything about how the team is doing this season. I think it is great that BYU made the honor code a priority over the game.

3 03 2011

Yeah the clip is great!
We are having the best season in school history. That’s what makes this suspension such a controversial topic. But I agree, it’s good that BYU has placed integrity over winning.

3 03 2011
Chelle Ethington

I am glad that you shared the clip. I, too, read a lot of the comments from the article the other day and was apalled at the outright demonic filth that some people felt the need to spew. I actually do not follow BYU sports too much, but do hear a lot about it, so was interested to see how they were measuring up for March Madness. And, like you, there are aspects of the Honor Code that I think are silly/unnecessary – but no one goes there without knowing what it is and what they are signing…there is no hidden agenda or passages. There is no fine print. And no one is holding a gun to your head making you sign. Brandon Davies was fully informed and chose to sign (and play) of his own free will. So this brings me to my point – I am sick and tired of people with talent (athletes, actors, rock stars – whatever) thinking they are above the rules, that they are special and do not need to conform to the accepted rules that all the common folk must adhere to. I have no idea what his infraction was, but whatever I am very thankful that he was held to his word – because when a man loses the value of his word he has lost more than a game.

5 03 2011

I totally agree. When you look at professional sports you see tons of athletes getting away with things that normal guys would never get away with… Weak!

4 03 2011
Karen Peterson

I just stopped by because I saw you on the Casual Blogger Community. And when I saw these posts on Brandon Davies, I had to comment.

I get really frustrated with people criticizing the church and/or BYU for their “archaic” honor code because, just as you say, students know exactly what they’re getting into and make the decision to sign it. They know what the consequences will be.

While it’s unfortunate that Brandon Davies had to be cut from the team, it was absolutely the right thing to do. BYU has to expect the same behavior from everyone and can’t make exceptions because one student is considered a star.

5 03 2011

The funny thing is that byu turns away tons and tons of students. So there are lots of people who want to obey the “old school” honor code! Haha

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