bullied kid saved by the NFL.

25 02 2011

One of the great things about Facebook are the stories that get posted up by friends. You share common interests with most of your Facebook friends, so when they post an article, it’s usually going to resonate well with you.

This week one of my old friends from Texas, Joleen, posted an article on ESPN about a bullied kid.

I worked for a startup tech company called SchoolTipline that was heavily involved in bullying prevention. I remember reading some of the stories and statistics while I was working with them and was shocked to see the level that bullying has reached. I remember watching a video of kids in the streets literally beating this other kid to death as he walked home from school.
It was sickening.

This article is about Nadin Khoury, a 13 year old boy who just moved to Philadelphia because his single mom lost her job in Minnesota. Oh, and in 2000 they were refugees from Liberia.

Nadin was teased about his mom. He confronted the bullies, asked them to stop and that’s when things escalated.
As he sat there on The View, he talked about “how he’d been attacked by seven bigger schoolmates, kicked, beaten, dragged through the snow, stuffed into a tree, and hung on a 7-foot spiked fence, all while adults watched.”

Then from behind the curtain 3 Philadelphia Eagles players came out — All-World receiver DeSean Jackson, center Jamaal Jackson and guard Todd Herremans.

Jackson gave Nadin the jersey off his back and then gave him his cell phone number and said to call him if he needed anything.

I LOVE these kinds of stories.

There is something about a celebrity taking time out of their schedule, flying across the country for someone they’ve never met that is touching. Yeah, it’s good PR, yeah it’s great for the image, but sometimes,you do something because you know it’s the right thing to do.

Jackson has a younger brother who is 13 and smaller than Nadin. He talked about how he would feel if it were his younger brother being picked on.
“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Imagine 3 NFL players coming to your rescue.
There are some really trashy celebs out there and the news is riddled with sexual assault allegations, drugs and indecent behavior.
It’s nice now and again to see that somebody is doing something positive.

? Who was the last celebrity you saw that did something positive?




2 responses

25 02 2011

I saw this story on some site a few weeks ago and watched the video. I thought about how perfect it would have been for the SchoolTipline blog. It also came very close to making me cry which was slightly awkward as I was sitting at work. I agree I love these stories.

1 03 2011

It’s ok – I was reading it at home, but I think I teared up as well. Haha!

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