strep throat part deux.

18 02 2011

There is only one sickness worth having:
pink eye.

Here is the great thing about pink eye. Pink eye is great because it’s wildly contagious BUT you don’t actually feel sick.

This was the sickness of choice I would fake growing up (whenever I could get away with it). I would have to stay home – BUT I’d actually get to play and do stuff.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about sickness lately, only because I have been/still am pretty sick.
Worst winter EVER.

In the history of Utah winter’s this is the first winter I’ve gotten this sick.
This would happen, seeing as how this is my first winter on my own health insurance.


I just got back from the doctor.
2nd visit in 2 weeks.

Somehow I managed to get strep throat again.
This time around the doctor upped the antibiotics.

Let’s hope second time is a charm, because I am not excited about trying this a third time.

I know there are people with much worse situations than mine, so I should not complain. And I am so grateful for everything I do have…

I am definitely going to do a better job of remembering those with sickness in my prayers from now on.
“And remember in all things the apoor and the bneedy, the csick and the afflicted…” (D&C 52:40)

?What’s the worst sickness you’ve had?




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