greasy, bearded, messy.

11 02 2011

The long week got longer today.
Leah’s car did not start this morning.

We did, however, get the car going at lunch.
So I took it immediately to the shop. (Hayes Family Automotive – formerly Boyalns)

The guy who helped me was greasy, bearded, messy and had long oily hair.

Look, I’m not judgmental. I don’t look down on people for looking a certain way.
In fact, I prefer certain people to have very particular looks.

When a greasy bearded man is working on my car I feel VERY at ease. I want my mechanic to be covered in grease and very unkept. I know where his priorities lie. He is a car man. He is dedicated to working on cars and maintaining a lifestyle conducive to that.
Our car is in good hands.

The same holds true for several other professions.
“because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours.” (Genesis 37:3)
Nope, not prophet.

The most important profession?

I NEED Chinese food from a Chinese man.
I NEED Mexican food from a Latino.
I NEED a hamburger from…. well, I guess any ethnicity will do really.

This is crucial for finding amazingly authentic food.

? Are there certain things that tip you off to knowing that you’re going to get excellent service somewhere?




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