eye insurance?

10 02 2011

My poor wife’s eye has been bothering her something fierce lately.
Today it reached the breaking point.

So we decided to head over to Target and see the optometrist during lunch.

I figured it’d be a quick visit, we’d get a prescription and we’d be ready to roll.
“He put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and do see.” (John 9:15)

Then our friendly Target employee asked for our insurance provider.
She wanted an eye insurance provider.
What aisle do you guys carry that on?

Apparently Target doesn’t quite yet carry insurance. (maybe someday)

So, we paid. Oh we paid.
Almost $500 for the whole fiasco. (including glasses)

I had NO clue there was such a thing as eye insurance.
I’ve never even been to an eye doctor. (I’ve got perfect vision)

There’s SO many different things to get insurance for….

Oh well – guess it’s just one of those things you learn along the way.

? Is eye insurance worth it?




8 responses

11 02 2011
Angela stone

Yikes, we totally have eye insurance and it is worth every penny. especially when you have more than one person with glasses. If not it may not be. But $500 for exam and glasses is not unheard of without…Bummer man!

11 02 2011

Good call – maybe since only one of us has eye needs it might still be better to not have it. I’m gonna start looking around… Thanks!

11 02 2011
Chelle Ethington

Even with insurance there is still a huge amount that we end up paying. But it helps – then the problem is there are so many things (tests) that the insurance doesn’t cover. And ours will only pay for new frames every other year – so this past year I got smart…saved my frames from the previous year and took them in with me to get my new lenses put into them (I really like them anyway, so why change). I will do the same thing next year and get an extra pair (one to stay on my desk – one for in my purse) and possibly one for my nightstand. This will help with all the times I can’t remember where I set my glasses (you know how old people get).

11 02 2011

Good call – hopefully Leah can do the same thing with this pair of glasses. We had to get a new pair this time because her last pair was stolen! Lame!

11 02 2011
Anthony Ambriz

Um…. eye insurance? What kind of garbage is that? You probably should of gone to Wal-Mart or that cheap place by the Dollar Theater.

Anyway, my wife has bad eyesight as well. (maybe that’s why we both got married?) ha ha

Nah yeah I hate how you find out about all these things when you’re married. Even those self-help books don’t talk about this stuff. Like later this month I have to drop a good $500 on getting the car tuned-up and restored to its original state. It part of its yearly check up.

11 02 2011

Oh man $500 on the car?? Funny you mention cars, since my wife’s car did not start this morning…
When it rains it pours! haha

11 02 2011

We have eye insurance for just Dallas b/c my eyes are fine. Just used it the other day to get new contacts for this year! Still costs us money, but it does help lower the cost of everything. I think I need to get Addison’s eye checked b/c it keeps leaking tears and is slightly red….hoping it goes away on it’s own in the next few days!

11 02 2011

umm easy solution: lasik. greatest money i ever spent.

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