39 degrees celsius.

6 02 2011

Do you know how much 39 degrees celsius is?
I wouldn’t either except that the thermometer I used this morning only used Celsius, so we we had to look it up online.

39 degrees celsius = 102.2 degrees fahrenheit.
This is America – why is my thermometer reading Celsius?!

That was my temperature when I woke up this morning.
It may have been even higher at some point last night.

I woke up basically swimming in sweat. Have you ever swam in sweat? No, of course not – but I did last night.
I cannot remember the last time I felt that sick.
I wanted to die at one point, if I remember correctly.
“They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.” (Luke 5:31)

I think that was because the sweat smelt horrific.
I’ll try and avoid too much detail on the actual smell – but it was bad.

I felt so bad for Leah – but she did such an awesome job taking care of me.
She’s gonna be a great mom someday.
If she can handle “sick Kyle” then she is ready for pretty much anything.

I still don’t feel so good – but hopefully I can sleep it off the rest of today.

? What do you do for a high fever?




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