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5 02 2011

For those of you who don’t know I do 1-2 posts each month for Mormon Mommy Blogs.

Haven’t heard of it?

Here’s a little excerpt from the About Us section:

Here at Mormon Mommy Blogs, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of the LDS blogging community on a daily basis. Originally functioning only as a blog aggregate, MMB has blossomed into the amazing community you see today.

Mormon Mommy Blogs is not just for the Mormon woman. It is a gathering place for people with similar values, who can count on each other to share, support, and engage. We invite you to participate in our community forums, and to get to know the rest of the MMB family.

I have been following it for awhile and I just love it.
They have done a wonderful job of creating a community of both LDS/non LDS individuals with high values and great insights.

This morning I had the opportunity to meet the CEO, Elisa Scharton. I also had the chance to meet Veronica, the founder and owner of Local Community Hot Spots (a sister site to Mormon Mommy Blogs).

I invited them down to come and do a review of the store!

They are such wonderful ladies!
It was such a pleasure to meet them – they are incredibly successful bloggers and it was great to ask them questions and get some insight into how they have become so accomplished.

I love when I meet successful people who are willing to share their knowledge.
They are successful in a realm I would like to become more proficient in and they had some great suggestions and were more than willing to answer any questions I had or will have.

“And Alma tarried many days with Amulek before he began to preach unto the people.” (Alma 8:27)

I’m gonna explain this one – my Mission President said this is a scripture he spent hours pondering. During the time Alma stayed with Amulek he shared enough with him that Amulek was able to preach the word to the people. What did he teach him? How was he able to basically create a prophet out of Amulek during that time? It’s a wonderful scripture!

In case you haven’t been to either of their sites, you should check them out!

? Have you ever had someone take the time to help you improve your skill in a subject?




2 responses

6 02 2011

Kyle, I am totally in love with your store!
I have told everyone about it, and I am definitely
bringing my rug rats back!

Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure
to meet you!


9 02 2011

We would be thrilled to have your whole family come join us sometime 🙂

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