dancers against cancer.

4 02 2011

Last week Carson (soon to be member of GroundHounds Crew and former student) asked us if we would help out with a performance organized by The Pointe Dance Studio. The benefit dance concert was done in behalf of the Brailsford Family.

Last September the family found out that the father had a brain tumor. Since then the tumor has grown at a rate much faster than anticipated. The plan is to do 5 high doses of radiation and then to meet with Dr. Watson a specialist at the Hunstman Cancer Institute.
The family is hopeful, but also understands the reality of the situation. All of this compounded by the fact that the family has a disabled son who needs constant care.

When Carson told me about the benefit I hesitated because it was on a Friday night and I wanted to clear it with Leah. (I didn’t want to mess up date night).

I totally forgot that today also happens to be my six month anniversary.
Whoops! (I’m terrible with dates-one time I forgot my mom’s birthday-brutal!)

Leah was SO great about it. She even came and watched the performance.

I have done A LOT of performances and competitions but these events are the best.
When you get to do something you LOVE and it benefits someone else it is the perfect storm of ‘good feelings‘.

It was incredible to see all of the people who gathered together to support this local family.
“let Zion rejoice, for this is Zion—the pure in heart…” (D&C 97:21)

I wish all the best to the Brailsford Family.

? Have you ever been able to combine service with a passion of yours?




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