bright lights.

2 02 2011

Leah and I went to the temple tonight.
As usual it was a wonderful experience. I love the feeling of peace I have on temple night.

The Celestial room is a bright room, practically glowing.

As I sat there I thought about another place with bright lights, Las Vegas!

“And I, God, said: Let there be light; and there was light.” (Moses 2:3)

Both places glow and filled with light – but the similarities end there.
The lights of Las Vegas are harsh and distracting, meant to feed our A.D.D minds.
The lights of the temple uplift, calm and help promote focused meditation.

I love Las Vegas (well, at least for a weekend) but it’s a completely different experience than the temple.

Man, I feel good right now.

? What’s your favorite temple?




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