fake it till you make it.

1 02 2011

One of the first things I tell the kids I teach is that they need to commit to the moves.
Just go for it!

There is nothing worse than TIMIDLY butchering a move.

I do the same thing when I sing. As if singing softly suddenly makes everything alright. In my voice lesson last week, Johnny told me to just commit to the notes. Just do it!

I had my BEST night at Center Stage tonight. I saw confidence in my kids tonight.
Individual and collective confidence.
The energy was HIGH!

Moves were missed, people fell, steps were off beat BUT I barely thought about any of that as I watched a mini battle at the end of class.
Confidence goes a LONG way in overshadowing mistakes and errors.

The expression “fake it till you make it” is so true. I know for a fact some of my kids were nervous doing some of the stuff they tried tonight. But they put on a confident face and I saw no nerves.

The confidence principle doesn’t disappear as you grow older. If you can learn to feign confidence then you will always be a step ahead of those who can’t or won’t.

This principle leads to true confidence in a variety of areas. I’ll stick to dance as an example:
You FAKE all of your confidence at your first battle.
You lose, but people notice the confidence and see potential.
The next time around less confidence is faked and you win a round.
The next time around less confidence is faked and maybe you win a couple rounds.
Eventually you will have tremendous confidence and you hit your stride.
The confidence from dance seeps over to school, church, relationships.
You might fake it a little in those categories as well, but then it becomes real.
The confidence builds exponentially until the time you spend faking confidence is VERY small.

You don’t build kids confidence by saying they’re good when they’re not, or by making everyone a winner.
You build it by training them act confident, even when they’re not.
You build it by encouraging harder practice and leaving the comfort zone.

Fake it and someday you really will make it.
“I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things.” (2 Corinthians 7:16)

? What have you faked to make?




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