31 01 2011

I am non-confrontational. (for the most part- except in intramural sports)
I am quick to flip a situation into a positive experience and if necessary to apologize.

Confrontation occurred this morning.

I was asked to order more bags for the store.
I contacted our usual source.
Then I was told to bypass that source and order directly from the manufacturer.

Have you ever bypassed someone who felt like they were supposed to be in the loop?
It seldom goes well.
This morning was not one of those times.

Our usual source came in guns blazing.
He told the manager he was frustrated with people going behind his back. (ie. me!)
Then when I finally came back from lunch we had a fun chat.
I apologized (he said he didn’t need my apology).

But it’s ok.
I actually understand his frustration.
He’s just upset that we’ve been doing a lot more stuff in-house and today was just the straw that broke the camels back.

“when Laban saw our property, and that it was exceedingly great, he did alust after it, insomuch that he thrust us out, and sent his servants to slay us, that he might obtain our property.” (1 Nephi 3:25)

Luckily this broken camel’s back didn’t lead to this-
“Wherefore Laman and Lemuel did speak many ahard words unto us, their younger brothers, and they did smite us even with a rod.” (1 Nephi 3:28)


? How did you liken the scriptures to your life today?




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