27 01 2011

Today’s Deseret News Sports headline: “San Diego State, you just got Jimmered“.
Go read it. Now. Then come back.

Jimmered (verb): “It means a guy just scored on you in via distance, as in different zip code. Or in a torrential down pour.”

When your name becomes a verb (used positively) you know you’ve moved past the common folk (ie. me and the rest of us without an -ed on the end of our names).

I haven’t followed him too closely this season, but what I witnessed last night was breathtaking.
Figuratively as well.

He takes some UGLY shots, shots that look forced and shots that you think, NO way is that going in…

But then he Jimmers it and chalks up another 2 or 3 points.

Last night he put a scoring clinic for visiting in conference rivals (no.4 nationally ranked) San Diego State University.
He dropped 43 points.
The scoring clinic went so well that some big names even gave some respect to the 6’2″ white boy.

Check this out:

Jimmer, you made me a believer last night.
I’ve got the fever.
I’m counting on you to lead us deep into the tournament. (Final 4 would be great, thanks!)

As a tribute to “college basketball’s new household name” (according to the Wall Street journal) I’ve decided to try and verbify (my own word) some scripture characters names.

Ammoned: to get beat so badly that you actually lose limbs (mostly arms).
Danieled: to be lulled into passivity by your opponent.
Noahed: to have a great defense set up for the other teams raining shots.
“And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark…” (Genesis 8:1)

Ok- those were cheesy, yes. But it’s almost midnight and I’m tired…

? How have you likened the scriptures to your life today?




2 responses

28 01 2011

literally laughed out loud all by myself when i heard your ideas for new name verbs! i like “ammoned” the best:)

29 01 2011

hahaha, I’m glad someone liked it. I was getting really tired and it seemed funny in my head, but I never know! haha

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