what is your top ten?

21 01 2011

It’s no secret I’m a goalaholic.
I like goal setting and I LOVE accomplishing them.

After reading the article about the Chinese mom who produced 2 Honor Roll virtuosos I immediately wondered if it was too late for me.

I didn’t start learning a particular skill at the age of 4.
My “optimal” learning years have passed.
Or have they?

Nope, they haven’t.
I’ve got the rest of my life to continue acquiring and perfecting new skill sets.
Last Monday my cousin, Ty, and I decided we would each generate a list of 10 skills we would like to master during the course of our lives.
(Basically we want to be good enough that we feel proficient in the subject – we don’t need to be professional)

Here is my list:

Blogging (it would be nice to reach a point where I could generate some kind of revenue)
Writing (I’d like to write a book)
Design (Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign)
Carpentry (nothing too crazy)
BBQ’ing (King of the grill – haha)
Gardening (my grandparents and parents both have amazing gardens and I’d love to be able to do the same)

Obviously I can’t start working on all ten right now, so Ty and I have decided that each of us should select 2-3.
Blogging & Writing go hand in hand and I already spend a great deal of time researching and working on those, so I actually chose 2 extra ones to begin with.

Design. I chose it because I have taken some classes already and it’s a skill that has already come in handy at work, so it’s now time to take things to the next level.

Singing. Well, I have never been much of a singer. In fact, I usually just sing really softly in church to make sure I can’t be heard too well. Plus I sing the melody line – it would be nice to try and learn how to sing an actual part, most likely tenor. It all depends on what my new (as of today) vocal teacher, Johnny Ahn, suggests. Johnny is one of my really good friends who I breakdance with, but he is also teaches voice lessons, so this works out perfectly.

If you had to choose several skills to develop over the next couple of years what would you choose?

“seek ye earnestly the best gifts, always remembering for what they are given…” (D&C 46:8)

What’s keeping you from pursuing those things?

? How have you likened the scriptures to your life today?




4 responses

23 01 2011

this is what you do…during church sing as loud as you can (without yelling). for the most part, it makes the hymns so much more enjoyable. especially since authorities have advised us to SING!

24 01 2011

ooohhh… not sure about that! the poor people in front,next to and behind me are probably not going to like this very much! hahahaha

23 01 2011

Good post, it really made me think about the purpose of goal setting. I can help you with Spanish. Gardening? Really? Remember when we had dinner at grandma’s and all your parents and uncle talked about were their gardens? haha

24 01 2011

hahaha-someday our families will be eating dinner together and I’ll be the one talking about the garden. haha

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