the law of commitment.

16 01 2011

As promised, I am holding myself accountable at the end of the week to myself and to all of you.

I struggled a bit with some of the goals.
Weak, I know.
But they’re back on the list this week and I’m going to get them done!

I gave a lesson last year to the YSA about the “Law of Commitment”. I read about this law in a book by Sterling W. Sill called, “How to Personally Benefit from the Laws of Success“.
The book is incredible and highly motivational.

I thought about this principle as I considered the goals I have set and the upcoming year.

One of the things that often keeps us from attaining our goals is the endless list of backup plans we make.

How many times have you made a goal and then secretly thought to yourself, “well, if it doesn’t work out then I can at least try to do x or y.”
(Note: I’m not discounting the importance of a backup plan, I’m merely saying that the backup plan should hold no weight in your mind at all until it is absolutely imperative)

When Caesar went to capture the British Isles, he first unloaded the ships and set up camp. Then during the middle of the night he instructed several of his men to burn the ships.

Retreat was no longer an option.
They would either win or die.

It is a smart thing for us to do when making goals to not leave many outlets for retreat. With no option for retreat you will approach your goal with a vigor you never thought you were capable of.

It is not an aid to success to be able to turn back from any point along the way. No one can really accomplish his maximum until he is definitely committed to his task and his mind has closed all lines of retreat. Retreat and surrender should not be made so easy as to actually invite us.” (Sterling W. Sill)

We set a goal to attend the temple last week.
It didn’t happen.
We casually thought, “well, we can go next week, it will be ok”.

NO commitment.
A committed person would have looked at the week and thought, I have to go now, or I will never make the time. There is no retreat.

Nephi left no room for retreat, even though he was unsure of how to accomplish the task before him.
“And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.” (1 Nephi 4:6)

This week, think about your goals.
Make sure you haven’t given yourself room to retreat.

? What did you accomplish last week?

*I have decided that since this blog is all about finding connections between the scriptures and everyday life that from now on I will ask the same question at the end of each post, “How did you liken the scriptures to your life today?” (But I obviously still encourage comments of all sorts!)




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16 01 2011

I really like this post. Very applicable, especially for the first of the year when everyone is making goals or trying to plan how to accomplish them. I gave you five stars, mostly because there was no 4 1/2. haha

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