one year older… and wiser too?

12 01 2011

Yep, it’s my birthday.
I’m officially 27.

Birthdays have changed.

Do you remember looking forward to birthdays?
I remember…
11 anxiously waiting to be 12, to get out of Primary.
13 waiting for 14 so I could get to the dances.
15 waiting for 16 so I could start dating.
17 waiting for 18 so I could go to college.

I can remember thinking at those specific times how badly I wanted my birthday to come.

At 26 I was not anxiously waiting for 27.
And I’m certainly not hoping for 28 to come anytime soon either.
There is no rush to get to the next birthday.

The rush now is for accomplishment.
Now, I think to myself – I need to get to this point financially, spiritually, in dancing etc. etc. and I need to do it BEFORE time runs out.

My birthday is so close to New Years that I feel like they’ve morphed into several weeks of introspection, reflection and PLANNING.

I am all about goals at the moment.

26 was a crazy year.
27 has to be better.
And it will.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18)

? What age did you look forward to most growing up?




One response

13 01 2011
Chelle Ethington

It has come and gone, and now I am in a completely different age/era than I ever thought about. Quite frankly I totally NEVER anticipated being a grandparent. I have to say…sometimes I really miss my babies, but I do love my grown-ups! It is nice to not always have to be on my ‘mom’game and now find that I am able to let myself be a friend.

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