subaru saviors.

10 01 2011

Utah has been absolutely ridiculous lately. (meteorlogically speaking)
It is 12 degrees outside.
Snow lines the streets.
Ice is precariously hidden from view.

All of these factors led to Leah getting stuck in some ice filled parking lot because the car couldn’t make it out of the lot exit.

I left work to go see how to resolve the problem (last time I got stuck in ice I was lucky enough to have some pedestrians nearby who helped me push the car out)

This time around we were lucky to a random couple with a Subaru and a makeshift tow cable.
These Subaru Saviors went out of there way to help us.

With all of the terrible news that tops the news tickers, it’s always nice to be reminded that there are still lots of good people out there who will go out of their way to help you.

“when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah 2:17)

? When was the last time you benefitted from a random act of kindness?

The picture has nothing to do with tonights post – I just wanted you guys to see the black eye I got at the bboy battle this wknd!




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