little oliver.

13 12 2010

I’m not talking about Oliver Twist.
Oliver is a Shih Tzu – a breed of dog – a dog we do not own… yet.

My wife is really excited about the idea of having a dog right now. She’s got me a little excited as well. We looked at dogs online last night.

My vote was for a wolf/hybrid.
We would name it Koda. Sick, I know!

She wants a Shih Tzu we found named Oliver.

I still don’t think our landlord will go for it (which is partly why I’ve let the idea take wing)
But who knows, he might surprise us and then I’m in trouble!

A dog! In a basement apartment!
Recipe for disaster.

But we looked up all the little things we thought were pertinent to our situation.

Does it shed? Nope.
Does it yap? Nope. (although I’m still skeptical)

I wonder if the Nephites kept pets…
“And we began to raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind…” (2 Nephi 5:11)

Maybe I should rephrase that. I wonder if they had pets that they didn’t end up killing to eat or sacrifice…

? Are you a dog person/family? Why or why not?




4 responses

13 12 2010

We have a wonderful mutt, there are pictures of her on my facebook. I am a dog person, but if you are going to get a dog, I am a big believer in rescuing the dog. We saved ours (or she saved us) her name is Hope, and she is a member of the family

13 12 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Never been much of a pet person… I prefer humans. You get more in return.

I’ve noticed this trend in young married couples who get a little dog. Years go by and no little babies enter the family.

Don’t do it Kyle! Make a baby instead its funner!

15 12 2010

DON’T DO IT!! one more living, breathing thing to take care of and tend to–enjoy your freedom till you’re gonna have kids!

15 12 2010

Dogs are great I love my dog more then almost anything (the baby is the one that bumped him off of the pedastool I had him on.) But when I moved to Provo my parents kept him at the house and are attached and since we don’t know where we are going they have kept (he does still remember me as his master no matter what though it’s really funny but I think at this point it’s going to be a coustdy battle for him to get him back) However dogs are a lot of worry when you want to go somewhere you have to decide what is best for the pup take do you leave who will watch the pup. And then you worry about if the puppy is okay. Wait until you guys have done all that you want to, places you want to go, things you want to experience as a couple then in a year or two get a dog but make sure you have done everything you want to enjoy. Make a list of you haven’t and when everything is mostly checked off you know it’s time…

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