a new challenge.

30 11 2010

I just finished a book called, “The Art of Non Conformity” last night.
I’ve already recommended the blog – but I’ll plug the book as well.

It’s worth it.
A great read about pursuing happiness in an unconventional manner. The book focuses on ways that you can make the things you love the focus of your life.

One of the topics covered in the book is decluttering your life and removing the unnecessary items.

An example cited was a man who moved his entire wardrobe into his hall closet. He said he would only move an item back to the closet in his room after he wore it. Whatever was left in his hall closet after one year was promptly disposed of. If you don’t wear it during a one year span then the odd are strong you’ll never wear it.

I love the idea so much I’m going to follow suit.
I will be moving all of my clothes to the study – once I wear it, I will bring it back to the closet.

Anything leftover in one year will be taken over to Deseret Industries because I will no longer be wearing it.

This is a great way to remove the clutter from my own life and also be able to make a donation to DI!

“all men should have charity…” (2 Nephi 26:30)

I’m excited to try this out and look forward to seeing the results!

? Do you have lots of clothes that you never wear?




One response

30 11 2010
Anthony Ambriz

I do have a lot of clothes I don’t wear but that’s just do to my weight gain… ha ha

Before you take a trip to DI you could put some stuff up online to see if friends want dips!

Now about making the things you love the focus of your life… I’m in the works of opening up a Hip Hop Boutique/Venue so the culture can continue to spread and the scene can grow here in Provo.

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