bright lights.

17 11 2010

We have a large tree in the center of our store – it’s a great focal piece!

We’ve got the ultimate toy store so it’s only fitting that we decorate accordingly.

I picked up a crap-load of decorations and spent the better part of today stringing lights.

Have you strung lights before?
I’m not talking about wrapping 3 strands around a mini-tree.

I’m talking about serious lights!

I’ve got half our tree done and have already used 16 strands of lights – each 25′ long.

It took me forever.

I love christmas lights.

“Truly the light is sweet…” (Ecclesiastes 11:7)

In fact, we’ve got the team that decorates temple square actually doing the Riverwoods. The lighting ceremony is this Friday night so if you live in the area, come check it out!

Our stores decorations are going to be legit…

In fact, to commemorate outstanding sore decorations, I’ve put together some pictures of some other great Christmas window displays:

? What kind of decorations do you like?




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