tis the season.

15 11 2010

I’ve heard Christmas music playing in stores since Halloween…
To be honest I created my Christmas playlist for my iPod in early October.

But it all feels a little more legit now that we’ve switched our work radio station from 40’s music to the Christmas station.

That 40’s music gets old after awhile.
Christmas music?
Never gets old. Ever.

This is easily my favorite time of the year.

How can you not be happy during Christmas?

The smell of evergreens.
Hot Chocolate.
Christmas Music.
Celebrating the (pretend) birth of the Savior. (He was born in Spring)
“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger…” (Luke 2:7)

The standard Christmas excitement will be even crazier this year because I work at a toy/candy store!

It’s like I’m working in the North Pole.

? What’s your favorite part about Christmas?



2 responses

16 11 2010
Chelle Ethington

I have to laugh because I am a total sucker for the Bing Crosby Christmas…and yet I live here where the chances of snow for Christmas are not that great – so when it happens it is like a special little gift from heaven . But then I think of my cousin who lives in Australia where the tradition is to pack a picnic and head to the beach for Christmas! And still we all love “White Christmas”. I used to tell my kids that the reason we have Christmas in the winter is so we can have Easter in the Spring – 2 special times to have special traditions to bring the Savior of the world into our thoughts and clarify our focus. As for my favorite thing about Christmas…I would have to say I love planning everything from the perfect gift for each person to the brunch on Christmas morning when my entire family gathers at my home. I just love it all!!

17 11 2010

I love the Christmas season too! I like it because my name is in all the songs. haha just kidding. I love how everyone seems nicer during the season (except maybe while shopping.)

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