top 16.

6 11 2010

Oh yeah!

We came down to Las Vegas for one purpose:
Vegas Shakedown 10.

It is one of the premiere bboy competitions in Vegas.
EVERYONE who is ANYONE on the bboy scene out here goes.

There is a strong following and the battles are exciting because the crews are all amazing.

This time around, 64 crews entered.
The judges watched everyone dance and then chose 16 crews to move on.

Here’s our prelim-battle:

I’ve been to Shakedown several times and I’ve even battled at some other out of state jams. I’ve NEVER made it past the prelims before. There are just so many solid crews that it’s easy to be forgotten and not move on.

We finally DID it!
We made top 16!

We should’ve made Top 8 (2 judges called our battle a tie and the third voted the other way) but we’re excited to have that monkey off our back.
Now, we can approach the next competition with more confidence!

It is such a good feeling to finally feel like the years of practice are starting to pay off…

I played out the battle several times in my mind before even getting there and it made such a huge difference. I felt much more confident when it was time to compete…

“But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind…” (D&C 9:8)
(study? maybe not so much, but I did visualize success)

? Do you try visualizing success or winning before you compete?




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9 11 2010

dang boy those moves are SICK!

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